Andy Reid’s sons leave their troubles behind

Published: November 16, 2020

Andy Reid’s two sons hit the headlines several years back for arrests relating to drug smuggling charges. They have both served their prison time since then and are now back in society, trying to make a go of living good, honest lives according to reports today, much to the joy of their father.

The Philadelphia Eagles coach is enjoying a reasonable time on the field at the moment and he must also be thankful that his off-field life is taking a turn for the better too.  Just as the Eagles brushed aside the Washington Redskins last night, so too has his son Garrett who has graduated from a halfway house since working in a body shop throughout the summer months and is now ready to face college and get his degree.

In fact both boys are doing well. Reid’s other son, Britt, was released a few years ago and is now a graduate assistant with the football team at the Temple University where he currently studies.

At the time of the arrests and subsequent court cases, the ruling judge referred to Reid’s family as a “family in crisis”.  Clearly the prison stints have served as a good rehabilitation for both young men and it would appear that it’s now a case of “crisis over”.

During the summer Reid said his sons were much improved and their drug days were well behind them, much to he and his wife Tammy’s relief.

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