Susan Sarandon didn’t sweat menopause

Published: June 12, 2020

Unlike many Hollywood actresses who go to great lengths to fight aging and retain their youthful looks once they are menopausal, Susan Sarandon is one celebrity who knows the secret to aging gracefully. The actress never resorted to any prescribed drugs or Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT), which many women opt for, particularly in Hollywood.

Susan Sarandon began menopause when she was 54 years old. She went through several bodily changes due to hormonal imbalance, including gaining weight. She admitted that she got bored of her vegetarian diet and also realised that she could no longer rely on carbohydrates. Like many menopausal women, her metabolic rate plunged drastically which prompted her to opt for a diet which was high on whole grain food items and food products made from over refined grains like pasta and white bread. She also incorporated one tablespoon of green powder made from turnips, kale, parsnips and organic broccoli.

Speaking about her menopause, quotes Susan as saying: “I went through menopause late and uneventfully. A lot of people I knew were on hormone replacement therapy? But I never went down that road.”

In today’s society, where a great number of Hollywood beauties spend vast amounts of money on cosmetic creams, cosmetic surgeries, HRT and other treatments in order to keep the nagging mood swings, signs of aging and other menopausal symptoms at bay, Susan has a simple solution for that. She tries to shift the focus from herself to the bigger picture. This is what keeps her going. She is seen participating in the political events and also lends a helping hand to volunteer activities. As she puts it: “When you are engaged in the bigger picture, you can’t afford the space to become so self-involved that everything is a crisis for you.”

She combines good work with good thinking and a healthy diet. Speaking about why she never undergoes beauty treatments she commented to “[My] emphasis is on being healthy rather than what you inject or reconstruct. Beauty comes from inside — it has to do with what you take in.”

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Other celebrities who have spoken about their experiences with menopause include Whoopi Goldberg and Rosie O’Donnell.

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7 Responses to “Susan Sarandon didn’t sweat menopause”

  1. lifecell

    24. May, 2011

    Hi there,

    Sometimes it just makes us feel good to know that everyone is or will go through menopause or andropause, should they be lucky to live long enough


  2. Boldy

    27. Jun, 2010

    ЎGracias! Ahora me irй en este blog cada dнa! Boldy

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  5. andi

    15. Jun, 2010

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  6. Glenda de Vries

    14. Jun, 2010

    I believe Susan Sarandon’s approach to menopause is the right one.

    I particularly like that she talks about focusing on other aspects of life other than her own self-indulgence.

    Diet and lifestyle and attitude can do wonders for menopausal symptoms and can have a fabulous impact on how you feel.

    Studies have shown that cultures that revere the older woman have fewer women with extreme menopausal symptoms.

    So, this is where we should start-attitude.

    However, I also agree with the comments made by “Hot Flash.” Certain woman (especially those with surgically induced menopause or early menopause, or those with life-altering symptoms) still require HRT. And they shouldn’t feel ashamed about using it if it is medically indicated.

    I agree with Hot Flash that HRT is not the same as botox etc.

  7. hot flash

    12. Jun, 2010

    Your “resorted to any prescribed drugs or Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT)” comment implies HRT is akin to Botox or cosmetic surgery and that women who use it are weak and indulgent.

    Rather women who use HRT in its various forms are in fact treating physical symptoms that respond to such treatment, in particular Hot Flashes. Any why should they not? Perhaps Susan did not suffer from them (at least 25% of women do not) or hers would not severe enough to seek medical assistance.?

    Let’s not start believing the “Menopause in the City 2″ view that HRT is the stake in the heart of “evil” menopause. It is a drug regime that exists to treat serious medical symptoms impacting quality of life and no woman should be made to feel ashamed for using it.

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