Hollywood Ego rears its ugly head as ‘Hangover’ actor arrested on sexual assault charges

Published: June 06, 2020

Being a Hollywood actor on any scale clearly makes you feel that you are above the law as has been evidenced by egotist, sex maniac Douglas Brian Irvin Jr. Who? You ask…  Exactly, but that didn’t stop Irvin Jr. calling up a masseuse, inviting her to his room then touching her up in a sexual (and inappropriate) way.

The legendary actor who has attracted such highly coveted roles as ‘hotel guest’ in the 2009 comedy The Hangover, and a minor CSI part as a police officer, is somewhat deluded to put it mildly but none the less feels he’s famous enough not only to be a law dodger but also that women will willingly give themselves to him at the snap of his fingers.

Silly Douglas Brian Irvin Jr was so desperate for sex he tried to coerce a masseuse by pretending to be a vice squad detecive.

So it was a bit of a wake up call when the masseuse in question pressed charges against him for firstly groping her, then for offering her $10,000 dollars for sex (which she begrudgingly accepted but requested the money up front) and finally, when the first two options failed, impersonating a police officer from vice squad and blackmailing her.

The sexual assault and coercion took place in a Sin City hotel room, namely the Hooters Casino Hotel on May 15th, and according to police reports the woman said that his overall behaviour was “very cop like” and that he told her he was a vice detective and if she didn’t have sex with him for free “she was in a lot of trouble.”

It sounds like a classy venue and certainly not the type of place that would attract perverts. As for Douglas, he is so famous that the woman failed to recognise him. Obviously a case of being too famous.

The massage, advertised costing $180 as a ‘sensual body rub’ could be the costliest massage of the 32 year old, bit part actor’s life as he now faces charges of impersonating a police officer, oppression under colour of law, sexual assault and coercion. He is currently held at the Clark County Detention Center without bail and as yet his criminal record has not been published.

Impersonating a police officer is serious business.

There are however a few holes in the story as the woman gave different accounts to different officers and Irvin Jr. denies impersonating an officer despite police finding his laminated badge and photos of him dressed in a police uniform on his cell phone. Irvin claims the pictures are from various TV shows he has appeared in.

The actor heads into court tomorrow (Tuesday 7th June) and faces a long stint in prison should he be found guilty of all charges.

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images: kansascity.com, theperfect-therapy.com, news.cnet.com

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