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Don Meredith, NFL player and commentator passes away at 72


Few people can claim to have such a profound effect on their chosen career after they retire but Don Meredith, an all-pro quarterback made more of an impact on American Football after he finished playing. The NFL legend passed away on Sunday at a Santa Fe hospital, New Mexico at the age of 72.

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Was a fight the final straw that sent Demi Lovato to rehab?


Troubled tween star Demi Lovato, who has struggled with cutting and eating disorders and openly discussed her past battles with bullies, hit rock bottom after a “physical altercation“ with a dancer on tour with the Jonas brothers.

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Demi Lovato enters rehab for ‘emotional and physical issues’


Disney sensation Demi Lovato, who has a history of eating disorders and self-mutiliation, has pulled out of an international tour with the Jonas Brothers to seek treatment at a rehab facility.

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