Kelly Ripa confirms hip fracture

Published: December 09, 2020

40 Year old television presenter, Kelly Ripa, hobbled onto the set of her show this week aided by crutches.  The somewhat surprised audience must have wondered what was going on until the former dancer explained that she had fractured the femoral neck in her right hip.

“It looks much worse than it is,” she told the concerned onlookers, and Ripa added that she been in pain for a few weeks but brushed it off as no more than a pulled muscle.

After an initial X-ray came back showing no breaks or fractures Ripa joked, “I was just there for the painkillers, let’s face it.”

She added that a gym ban had been imposed on her for up to six weeks, and she is also told that exercise outside the gym was off limits too, which must be a killer for the self-confessed fitness fanatic.

As it happens her doctors have told her she won’t require any correctional surgery for the injury, but rest is of the utmost importance to give it time to heal.

Born October 2nd, 1970, Kelly Maria Ripa is now an American television host who began her TV career as a regular backing dancer on Dance Party USA.  She moved into acting in 1990 when she landed the role of oppressed, world-hating-goth-turned-good, Hayley Vaughan in the soap, All My Children.  She also played Faith Fairfield in Hope & Faith. Both are ABC television broadcasts.

Ripa has been the regular co-host with Regis Philbin on Live with Regis and Kelly since February 2001.

Other celebrity fitness fanatics include Madonna, Josie Gibson, Jane Fonda, Roberta Mancino and Pat Manocchia.

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