Is David Duchovny’s sex addiciton behind his latest split from Tea Leoni?

Published: June 29, 2020

As Spooky Mulder in the X-Files, David Duchovny exposed countless conspiracies and investigated some of the oddest mysteries, yet the one case that still eludes him is why he’s unable to pin down his marriage with Tea Leoni.

The gawky, big-nosed actor who’s smarm and coolness won him a lot of fans and even a tribute song by Catatonia, the overrated Welsh pop band from the 1990‘s fronted by the screechy voiced Cerys Matthews - seemingly a  sex addict like Duchovny as evidenced by the rumour that she allegedly asked her roadies to find her willing partners for anal sex while on tour. Then again Led Zeppelin frontman Robert Plant was accused of inserting a small shark into a 15 year-old girl’s vagina; a heinous act of course although the now Director of Wolverhampton Wanderers denies all . That was the 60‘s, a time when chocolate bars filled the void now occupied more readily by Rampant Rabbits and when people generally had to improvise a lot more.

Malicious rumours surround Robert Plant and a poor unsuspecting dogfish.

Sex addiction is widely becoming accepted as a valid and harmful form of addiction and is as destructive as alcoholism, gambling, drug overuse and even excessive gaming. David Duchovny has fallen prey to his addiction in the past and just two years ago he patched up his shaky relationship with Tea Leoni after they suffered as a result of his libidinous behaviour.

But the couple have been dealt a new blow this week and reports are suggesting that they have once again split with any reconciliation unlikely at the moment.

After 11 years of marriage Duchovny and Leoni hit the rocks amid the former X-Files star’s confession of an addiction to sex which, like all addictions, he found hard to fulfil. Leoni left the ailing actor in 2008 as he sought treatment for his problems and after a seemingly successful bout of rehab they got back together a year later.

David Duchovny, Tea Leoni and their children who will be affected most by their parents' separation.

At the time Duchovny insisted that their matrimonial difficulties were the “best thing” that could have happened for the couple as it brought them closer.

This latest spat has left them undecided on whether to push for divorce or not and as yet no reason has been given for the problems. Although Duchovny and Leoni will recover individually their 12 year-old daughter and nine year old son will suffer the most.

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