J Lo and Marc Anthony: Jealousy and Infidelity

Published: July 21, 2020

After Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony announced that their seven-year marriage had ended ‘amicably’, we’ve all been waiting for the onslaught of comments from ‘close sources’ dishing the dirt on their ‘friends’. Five days on  and the time has come.

According to People, the couple’s claim of reaching an amicable conclusion on all their marital matters is even more surprising than the split is to us. In fact, the pair had apparently been arguing non stop for the past months.

Jennifer Lopez

One of the last times Lopez, 41, and Anthony, 42, were in the public eye together, they were sharing the stage (and a passionate kiss) at the May 25 American Idol final. But all was no well in paradise. A source close to the Latino duo said the arguing was getting out of hand and that “Marc and Jennifer decided it’s best to go their separate ways for the sake of their two kids.”

On top of that, there were apparently issues on a movie set, envy on the set of American Idol and times when Lopez thought her husband was being unfaithful - a claim an insider from the Anthony camp disputes. “They started to see life differently,” the source says, adding that Anthony had always been extremely supportive of his wife’s career.

The insider says the break up is for the best: “Though they love, admire and respect each other very much, they just needed to be apart.”

Marc Anthony in better days

In any case, both are putting on a brave face. Anthony spent the weekend in Colombia, where he delivered an upbeat performance and even joked about his marital woes on-stage. “They’re saying I’m single,” he apparently told the audience. But reports from Bogota say the star was unusually distant.

Anthony apparently kept to himself in his hotel room, in stark contrast to other times he’s been in town, another source told People. “Everything he ordered was by room service. He was distant from people.”

His guitarist Mario Sebastian was more optimistic and said “He’s a performer. He is as confident as all the band members are. The show always will go on.”

In the meantime, Lopez has also immersed herself in work by shooting an ad campaign for her Kohl’s fashion line. A source said the singer is “doing ok” and has been spending a lot of quality time with her children and family in L.A.

The insider added: “She is, of course, sad that she and Marc didn’t work out, but they both feel they have tried everything.”

Of a similar age, both of Puerto Rican descent, both Latin artists with a musical background, they had more in common than the often bizarre couplings that Hollywood attracts. Think Jeff Goldblum and his teeny girlfriend (recently split), pensioner Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta Jones, Genghis and Chaka Khan etc.

We thought Lopez and Anthony had it made. In photographs the duo always appeared very much in love with one another and their body language seemed to mirror that. So it comes as something of a shock to find out that just one year after they renewed their marriage vows, the relationship has disintegrated to the point of no return.

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