Warren Buffet’s Prostate Cancer Statement a Smokescreen?

Published: April 18, 2020



Warren Buffett, the man with a name like a fundraiser in a rabbit’s home, has announced to the world that he has early-stage but not life-threatening prostate cancer.

Buffett made the press release yesterday, 17thApril, and has all but dismissed the illness. As the CEO of Berkshire Hathawayit’s understandable that he has drive and guts as verified by his statement in which he said, “I feel great—as if I were in my normal excellent health—and my energy level is 100 percent.”

That’s all well and good for a man of 80 years and like most men around his age group he is probably more likely to die with prostate cancer than as a result of it.

In fact, according to the Journal of the American Medical Association around 80 percent of men aged 80 have some level of cancerous cells in their prostate gland but do not develop full blown, life-threatening cancer.

Perhaps the most surprising aspect of Buffett’s admission is that admission itself. He is a man who deals at a very high level and is constantly under the microscope. Speculation is rife that the press release is a cover for a worse degree of illness and that by stating everything is fine he creates an environment of safety for his stock – something that Steve Jobs’ much publicised cancer battle didn’t immediately accomplish for Apple.

Warren Buffett gives prostate cancer the finger

Warren Buffett gives prostate cancer the finger


Some news outlets are stating that Warren Buffett wouldn’t be able to undergo radiation therapy without somebody noticing and if he controls the news from his end then he can go some way to quashing rumours about the extent of his illness.

Warren Buffett’s case, whatever the truth of it may be, goes a long way to highlighting a sadder truth about the world we live in where a man’s health is less important that the satisfaction of those investing in his stock. As for the man himself, he is impudent in his defiance that death is knocking and indeed said that he believes his shaking of the mortal coil is “a long way off.”

For the rest of us that remains to be seen but Buffett’s positivity is admirable and the truth, as always, will only become evident after the story has closed its final chapter.

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