Britney Spears faces lawsuit for being a stinker

Published: July 21, 2020

‘Oops I did it again,’ exclaims a much beleaguered Britney Spears; well she should as it seems the former teen princess of pop is hitting the headlines for all the wrong reasons again.

After a famous bout of drug abuse and rehab Ms. Spears seemed to have cleaned her act up and got back to doing what she did best – dazzling crowds with her generic pop songs and average singing and dancing ability.

Britney Spears looking a million miles from Fernando Flores' claims.

Perhaps Britney was an early prototype for Lady Gaga; a living Petri dish with which to gauge public mood and requirements that somehow failed due to its human elements and fallibility. Perhaps the drugs and booze were designed to flush her away to pave the road for someone like Gaga, but for the irrepressible Spears the idea of giving up just won’t wash – something she’s very familiar with according to a former employee.

Fernando Flores became a security guard for Britney following his job as a police officer and according to the allegations in a lawsuit he’s filed for the meagre sum of $10m, Britney is an absolute stinker.

Flores claims that she was a terrible employer who spent much of her time taking drugs, audibly breaking wind in his presence, belching, picking her nose and often flaunting herself naked in front of him.

And bodyguard Flores says the 29-year-old singer’s naked advances were most unwelcome especially as she would go for several days without taking a shower.

Among the list of drugs consumed by Spears are methamphetamines and an unnamed substance used to stabilise morphine and heroin overdose victims.

Britney looks troubled as legal problems loom for the much maligned singer.

The final straw for 29-year-old Flores came on July 10th when he claims Britney bent over wearing a short night dress in order to reveal herself to him. He apparently stormed out of her Hollywood home and quit his post.

Flores was her employee for six months in total, a time span throughout which Spears made his life a ‘living hell’, but surely if she was so terrible to work for he could have left sooner.

Fernando Flores had a hard time working for Britney Spears who often flashed her undies at him.

Popular opinion is that the former cop is looking for a quick out-of-court settlement to avoid excessive publicity in a case that would in all likelihood be thrown out on account of insubstantial grounds.

Britney’s lawyers have filed a motion stating that all the allegations are false.

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