Lady Gaga Accused of Ripping-off Bette Midler’s Iconic Mermaid

Published: July 20, 2020

The world’s richest copycat– Lady Gaga – has been the subject of more plagiarism claims. This time the great emulator stands accused of ripping-off the ‘mermaid in a wheelchair’ made famous by Bette Midler thirty years ago.The squirming epigone deflected the allegation in an interview saying “I had no idea that she did that and I’m a huge Bette Midler fan”. So clearly not that big that she was familiar with one of the Divine Miss M’s most famous incarnations. The egotistic monster went on to say “Obviously I feel connected to women in theater and women from the past. Maybe we’re just cut from the same cloth.” No comment.

Lady Gaga demonstrates the handicapped mermaid character she stole from Bette Midler.

Veteran performer and comedian Midler has been doing the crippled fish, a character known as Delores DeLago since long before Gaga was even a small fame-hungry seed in the scrotal sack of Papa Gaga. Back when celebrities were stars and nobodies worked in pizza parlours. Back when celebrities were people we looked up to for being talented, not down on for being so desperate for our attention that they will do, wear or say anything.

Bette Midler demonstrates her crippled fish woman creation that she didn't steal from anyone.

Over the weekend, the redoubtable Midler tweeted, “I’m not sure Lady Gaga knows that I’ve performed my mermaid in a wheelchair for millions of people - and many of them are still alive…..Dear Lady Gaga, if you think a mermaid in a wheelchair seems familiar - it’s because it is! You can see it on YouTube 24/7 - with ME performing it.”

She of the original handicapped poisson lady goes on to tweet:

“Dear Lady Gaga I’ve been doing singing-mermaid-in-a-wheelchair since 1980. You can keep the meat dress and the firecracker tits - mermaid’s mine.”

Lady Gaga - it's her idea to look like this.

For all the claims that Lady Gaga is so original, it looks more and more like she just took a bunch of the most successful and/or unique female performers from the last thirty years and ripped them the fuck off. Madonna, Cyndi Lauper, Bette Midler. The only unique thing about Gaga is her wardrobe. And that’s only unique because she designed it herself and generally no one else would want to wear it.

Look out for her ripping off Kate Bush, Siouxsie Sioux, Patti Smith and Deborah Harry soon. It’s only a matter of time.

The premise of Lady Gaga is an irritating vocal gimmick and a self-designed wardrobe. It’s not much to build a career on. And she is clearly out of ideas. Lady Gaga is a little personality with a massive ego. She really is a monster. In medieval times she’d have been chased through the woods by angry villagers with burning torches. Really makes you kinda miss the 1300s, doesn’t it?

If you would like to comment on Lady Gaga’s lack of originality or condemn the author of this article for his invective and for not worshipping at the holy coruscant feet of the Gaga beast, leave an unoriginal comment in the unoriginal comment box below. Or just steal something someone else has written and pretend you didn’t realise:


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2 Responses to “Lady Gaga Accused of Ripping-off Bette Midler’s Iconic Mermaid”

  1. Jimmy

    27. Feb, 2012

    A person who did some research before blasting a “figure. Bravo!, their is still some form of real journalism out their.
    Even though for GaGa copying people’s idea, thats just something of common use with the world of media as we know it. Orginality died when MTV stop showing good music videos lol…..(in the late 1990′s).

    Maybe GaGa will grow the courage to copy Patti Smith’s - Rock and Roll N*gger. Doubt it but, im sure even if she did. She would be more accepted for the song than Patti was.

  2. Truck GPS

    11. Aug, 2011

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