Lady Gaga uses Amy Winehouse again, this time to make a film

Published: August 07, 2020

Not satisfied with stirring contempt in the hearts of anyone with even the tiniest iota of decency and taste, Lady Gaga is now apparently pushing the boundaries of sensibility and respect into the sewer by talking to Hollywood producers about playing recently deceased Amy Winehouse in a film about her life.

According to latest sources the ridiculous, tasteless and largely talentless PR machine now claims that Amy Winehouse was her idol and that she’d love nothing more than to play her in a film.

“Lady Gaga worshipped Amy and would love nothing more than to transform herself into her idol on the big screen.”

Lady Gaga is still using Amy Winehouse to promote herself.

Lady Gaga’s copycat repertoire is starting to resemble an ensemble of musicians which includes on its list Madonna, Elton John, Bette Midler, Cyndi Lauper, David Bowie and some prostitutes, but what sets her apart from all of those is that she lacks any substance whatsoever which is why she constantly has to pull disgusting stunts in order to maintain public interest.

Using Amy Winehouse to sell her latest single was bad enough but to now plot a film about Winehouse’s life at a time when she is heavily promoting her record company’s latest fare is as low as it gets.

This robot dances less mechanically than Lady Gaga.

Firstly, there is no proof that Gaga can act and if her appearances and dance routines are any indication of her ‘ability’ then her portrayal of Amy Winehouse will be nothing short of sacrilegious.

It is far too soon for anyone to consider making a film about Winehouse and it will take years, if ever, for the truth of her death to surface. For Gaga to make a film about her life is utterly repugnant as it takes away from the British soul singer and becomes a sympathy drive for Lady Gaga who has become the master of publicity.

Lady Gaga copied Bette Midler's wheelchair mermaid act recently.

Amy Winehouse needs time to disappear; she currently tops the charts thanks to sycophants who now claim to have been fans all their lives despite Back to Black being the first album of hers they’ve bought / heard.

After this storm of clamouring for a part of her has subsided the world needs to let her ghost rest and Lady Gaga needs to find her own personality instead of trying to be everyone else who has already walked the path she is trying to follow, especially as all those who went before her have done so with style, grace and respectable dignity; all perhaps except Madonna whom she most resembles.

David Bowie is among a host of artists Lady Gaga has plagiarised.

Undoubtedly Lady Gaga will continue to use the death of Amy Winehouse to sell herself until she’s bled her bones dry and all that remains is dust; until that happens we can only hope that the world will start to see her for what she truly is – a leech, a vampire, sucking all that is good out of society in order to perpetuate her own false status as an original, talented celebrity.

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