Alcohol more ‘dangerous than crack, heroin and ecstacy’

Published: November 01, 2020

Alcohol is more harmful to society than illegal drugs such as heroin or crack cocaine, a study claims.

The study evaluated addictive substances such as alcohol, heroin, ecstacy and cocaine and rated them according to a new scale of how destructive they are to both users and to wider society.

On a scale of 1-100, Scientists found that alcohol was by far the most harmful drug, scoring 72 points. Heroin tallied up with 55 points, crack 54, chrystal meth 33, cocaine 27, tobacco 26 and cannabis 20.

What criteria were the rankings based on? As reported by, the drug’a capacity to kill, its addictveness, effect on mental functions, the material loss it causes, injuries stemming from use and its power to end relationships were all decisive factors.

Controversial Professor David But, who was fired by the previous government for criticizing the existing drugs classification system, said: “What a new classification system might look like would depend on what set of harms (to self or others you are trying to reduce.”

“But if you tale overall harm, then alcohol, heroin and crack are clearly more harmful than all the others, sp perhaps drugs with a score of 40 or more could be class A; 39 to 20 class B; 19-10 class C and class 10 or under class D.”

This reclassification would see heroin and alcohol in class A and cocaine and tobacco in the same drug category, B. Ecstacy and LSD would fall into the lowest category, D.

Do you agree that the way of assessing drugs needs to be reviewed?

Celebrities who have suffered from drug and alcohol addiction include Mark Owen, Steve-O, Tara Reid, Whitney Houston and John Goodman.


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