Mark Owen admitted to alcohol addiction and womanising

Published: May 08, 2020

Mark Owen has never had to battle with a bad boy image, unlike his former bandmate Robbie Wiliams for example. But in March this year, the Take That member told his wife he had had a string of affairs and promptly checked himself into rehab for alcohol addiction.

Talking to The Sun, the 38-year-old said he couldn’t be sure how many women he had been with, but estimated the number to be around ten. He also said that he had been a heavy drinker for the past ten years, but that he is “not using the drink as an excuse“.

“I’ve been living with the guilt. Maybe the drink was my way of dealing with the guilt,” the love-rat explained.

“I’ve never liked drinking during the day but once the kids went to bed, I’d get the bottle open and off I went,“ he continued. “I have been a prat. I wasn’t thinking - I don’t think logically when I’m drunk. I’m not the person I want to be when I’m drunk. I can be a nightmare to live with.”

One of Owen’s affairs lasted for four years, according to This Is London. The singer is said to have met accounts manager Neva Hanley at Preston railway station and sent her a total of £12,000 (almost $14,000) over the years to help her out financially.

Mark Owen and his Take That bandmates, who supported him through his ordeal.

The singer checked himself into The Priory shortly after coming clean in order to deal with his “issues“, especially the drinking, which he admitted had “got to a bad point“.

Owen also opened up to his bandmates – Gary Barlow, Jason Orange and Howard Donald – about his problems, Click Liverpool reported.

“I told the lads a few days ago that I am trying to deal with a drink problem,” he revealed, adding that he had also told former Take That member Robbie Williams, who had been to rehab several times himself for drug and alcohol addiction.

In the meantime, his wife is not wearing her wedding ring. Mark Owen married Emma in a lavish ceremony last October, but the pair had been together for five years and have two children together.

Since his stint in rehab, the singer has been spotted taking stroll with Emma and their kids in a park. A source close to the star told The Mirror: “It was the first time he has seen Emma since he went into rehab and it was very emotional.“

“Mark really wants to patch things up but it is early days. He was so happy to be with the kids and Emma but there is still a long way to go,“ the insier added.

Other celebrities who have suffered from addiction include Steve-O, Jeremy London and Tara Reid. Jesse James and Tiger Woods have both spent time in rehab for sex addiction.

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