420 DUDE - Let’s skin up!

Published: April 21, 2020

Today is a very special day in the junkie calendar as across the globe the unwashed and unmotivated unite in order to ignite and celebrate 420 – an official holiday dedicated to dope heads.

All around the world, but in particular in the US, groups of pot heads are likely to spark up and toke to commemorate all the good that weed does around the world.

If they can motivate themselves to get out of bed that is.

Stoners all over the world skin up for 420

In past years, large groups of people have gathered together in order to smoke marijuana on 420, especially and surprisingly on college campuses and on Hippy Hill in San Fran.

Students? Hippies? Stoned?

According to Steven Hager of High Times magazine the term 420 was coined by a group of Californian teenagers in the early seventies. The pesky kids met in order to look for a marijuana crop they’d heard rumours of. Repeated excursions to locate the crop led them to meet daily at 4:20 pm.

Scooby Doo? Dooby Doo more like.

Since then, the term grew in popularity and became shortened to 420 – a term short enough that even stoners could remember it, until it became a common term within drug subculture.

‘I believe 420 is a ritualization of cannabis use that holds deep meaning for our subculture. It also points us in a direction for the responsible use of cannabis,’ mumbled Hager, possibly through a toxic fog. Apparently. Maybe.

Pro drug campaigners have chosen the day as a time for protestation and to campaign for the decriminalization of the drug. And some people just get together to have a bit of a spliff and talk deep shit/plain rubbish, of no interest to anyone, not also in a stupor, and to repeat themselves because they can’t remember that they’ve already said what they just said – just.

That’s happened to me several times.

As a liberal minded individual, I like to think that we should all have the right to decide whether we want to smoke something that makes us stupid or more stupid or not. There are other, way more pernicious drugs infiltrating our malls and colleges, but the ‘happy and harmless’ drug is not as beneficial as some would have us believe. Many times it really is a catalyst that stimulates us to find the ever elusive and more powerful high, just as beer drinking can lead to marinating ourselves in a bath of hot vodka and doing octopus rolls down Madison Avenue, wearing nothing but sick.

That happened to me but only once.

Bob Marley kicks back and enjoys a spliff after writing a new song. Remember he's famous for music - mainly.

Some states in the US permit the use of marijuana – which has been used as an effective pain killer since agony first gained popularity and Neanderthal man’s digits became adept enough that he could piece rolling papers together and daintily lick the adhesive strip, without eating the entire assembly.

Expect to hear a lot of Bob Marley today and remember to keep a stash of dirty needles as ‘International Smack Day’ (the Martini drug of choice for abusers) is soon to follow.

Please share your thoughts on pot smoking and the rally for legalization by leaving a comment.

Read about some famous pot smokers like Rhys Ifans; Stephen Gately, Natalie Portman, George Michael and Mike Starr.

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