Brooke Shields another celebrity who has taken the Lasik route

Published: September 19, 2020

Are you fed up with the many inconveniences involved with wearing glasses or contact lenses? Do you dream of waking up and seeing the world in all its clarity? Say good bye to blurry vision and hello to Lasik surgery.

This corrective surgery, which takes a mere 10 minutes per eye, has grown in popularity in recent years and it is no surprise that several celebrities, for whom looking good is paramount, have undergone the procedure. One such actress to have opted for the Lasik route is the American actress and model Brooke Shields.

Not everyone, however, is such a huge fan of the corrective surgery. Comedian Kathy Griffin talks about her experiences with Lasik on her website, where she talks about the severe complications she suffered after undergoing the corrective surgery. ( Incidentally, Brooke Shields, who on the contrary is very happy with the outcome of her procedure, was the maid of honor at Kathy’s wedding!
Brooke Shields, 45, started her modeling career as an infant and then went on to become the youngest model to appear on the cover of ‘Vogue’ at the age of 14. With almost 20 years of working in the film industry behind her, her best known film is probably still ‘The Blue Lagoon’ from 1980. The ‘Suddenly Susan’ star has been wooing audiences with her immense talent and beauty for a long time now, but she has also shared a darker part of her life with the world: her experiences with postpartum depression. Speaking of this difficult time, as quoted on Quote Lucy, she said “I’ve never found therapy to be a sign of weakness; I’ve found the opposite to be true. The willingness to have a mirror held up to you definitely requires strength”.

Brooke Shields is a woman of substance and is known for handling her personal and professional life with great dignity and strength. But there is no denying that she has also been blessed with especially good looks, and thanks to Lasik surgery, the star doesn’t have to hide her stunning eyes behind a pair of glasses.

Othere celebrities to have undergone Lasik surgery include Tiger Woods, Nicole Kidman and Brad Pitt

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