Are Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie finally tying the knot?

Published: November 19, 2020

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie may appear to have it all. Successful film careers, several Hollywood mansions, six children and undoubtedly healthy bank balances; but according to their 9 year old son Maddox, something is missing.

After a heartfelt plea from Maddox which stunned his father, it now seems that the Hollywood super couple are considering a cosy beach wedding next year .

A source close to the family said that Maddox had found Jolie in tears just before he and Brad were bound for the Pax Six trip and when he asked her what was wrong she said that she’d miss them both.

When he and Brad arrived in New York he told his dad what had happened saying, “Mommy gets so sad when you’re not there, Daddy, and if you were married she’d know you’ll come back.”

Apparently Brad Pitt had always vowed to marry Angelina Jolie if their children required that level of family security and a marriage could be happening next summer. Pitt, 47, proposed to Jolie, 35, back in 2005 when she was pregnant with Shiloh but at the time she was unsure. Perhaps she’s now ready to take the plunge.

The source added, ‘They’re thinking about a quiet ceremony on a far-flung beach,’ and that, ‘The kids are very excited and are helping to plan it.’

Angelina Jolie’s health became a concern during the filming of Salt in which she plays a rogue CIA agent.  Sources close to her at the time said, “Brad and the kids have barely visited the set and Angelina seems very insular. She’s staying on her own, working 15-hour days and the stress is taking its toll. We’re all very concerned.

“She’s on a liquid detox diet to lose 21lb in 20 days. She is doing all the stunts herself and barely has time to eat. She is looking so small on camera, the producers have had to have a discreet word.”

So much for old fashioned values.  While it’s very exciting to read about celebrity weddings, shouldn’t they marry because they love each other and not because the kids want them to? Share your thoughts on this by leaving a comment.

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7 Responses to “Are Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie finally tying the knot?”

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  2. John

    22. Nov, 2010

    If they did get married it would be further proof that the couple are the biggest hypocrites in Hollywood. Didn’t they vow not to marry until everyone could?.

    Yeah, again they use their kids and everyone is to say “awww, how sweet; it’s for the kids.:”

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  5. curious

    19. Nov, 2010

    Strange story that is unbelieveable. Hasn’t she used Maddox before??

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  6. World Spinner

    19. Nov, 2010

    Are Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie finally tying the knot ……

    Here at World Spinner we are debating the same thing……

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  7. cee

    19. Nov, 2010

    Garbage story from In Touch Rag which has married and divorced and split and impregnanted Angie about 100 time and never ever true. Why you even repeat that garbage is beyond me. And the snide comments tells me all I ned to know about the writer. Bless Angie for all the crap she takes and keeps doing good and loving her man and her family.

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