Michael Jackson vs Gary Glitter: sex offending and fame.

Published: October 01, 2020

Two years after Michael Jackson’s death, a new show is about to hit the road about his life – one of the most influential pop stars of the last thirty years. A fitting heir to the throne left by Elvis Presley. Michael Jackson; The IMMORTAL World Tour begins its conquest of North America on 2nd October. A great way to commemorate the life and times of such an influential musician, songwriter, and [possible] sex offender.

It’s strange, if not worrying, how Jackson’s appeal hardly dwindled despite the many claims of child abuse and pedophilia that were levelled at him some years ago. Yes, he was acquitted of the crimes but no one knows for sure whether large pay-offs were involved and everyone other than the diehard head-in-the-sand Jackson fans assume that he was a sex offender able to shrug of the accusations due to his celebrity status and back catalogue of likeable tunes and catchy melodies.

Whereas other celebrity pedophiles such as UK 70s rocker Gary Glitter who had a few hits back in the colorful era before being uncovered as a pedophile, was banished from several countries, imprisoned and continues to be stalked by a media known to be entirely unprincipled itself. He clearly wasn’t rich or influential enough to be a successful pedophile. Silly.

Gary Glitter - sex offender.

Gary Glitter - available for children's parties.

It seems that the richer and more successful you are - in the entertainment industries at least – the more you can get away with. Paris Hilton recently got fined 2000 bucks for being in possession of cocaine, an amount she probably spends on a facial.

It seems that in the eyes of the general public Gary Glitter is a thoroughly disgusting animal capable of stealing children – your children - in order to have sex with them up their bottoms, whereas Michael Jackson is [was] a troubled artist, who was unable to come to terms with fame and who hadn’t properly grown up himself.

So the more hit records you have, the more sex with kids you can have. That’s another good reason to keep practising the recorder instead of playing City of Heroes kids.

Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson was acquitted of doing things to kiddies.

No one wanted to believe that Michael Jackson was capable of such crimes. Fans reiterated their love for their idol, sticking their heads so firmly and deeply in the sand that they are still shitting goblets to this day.

So he might have been acquitted but even before he was – fans stood behind him like weak mothers defending their rapey progeny despite irrefutable evidence to confirm that they done a rape in the first place.

Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson sadly no longer available for children's parties.

In the sixties a blasé comment from John Lennon about The Beatles being more famous than Jesus was taken out of context, leading to the public burning of Beatles records in the southern states of America – a place where it is perfectly fine to fuck a goat so long as it’s female and you don’t use expletives or use the words ‘god’ and ‘penis’ in the same paragraph. I don’t know whether the Beatles were more famous than god, but they were certainly more popular. And sexier. In god’s defense he had a lot to do being omnipotent and all that. I tried being in two places at once, it’s not so easy. So being everywhere… well, I’m not sure I even believe it’s possible. Anyway the Beatles seemed to get by regardless and strangely, Michael Jackson managed to claw himself back up from being a pedophile to being an icon of popular culture once again, without much of a hoo haa. His estate is still raking in the money years after his death.

John Wayne Gacy

John Wayne Gacy should never have been available for children's parties. He didn't have any platinum selling albums.

An alleged pedophile exalted to the position of saint? God really does move in mysterious ways. In any other profession he’s have lost his job and had to move planet.

I’m not saying that Michael Jackson was guilty of doing dirty things with kiddies, (I’ve no trust of a media that has proven itself very capable of amplifying anything it wants in order to make it more newsworthy), but the point is that even if he was, he wouldn’t be exiled, would still sell tonnes of records and his fans would stick by him and overlook his peccadilloes, pathetic as human beings are cowering in the shadow of musical greatness.

It was not my intention to drag the man’s name through the sleazy dirt once more, but it seems unfair that celebrities can get away with anything that normal humans cannot and that A-listers can get away with even more than anyone. They are entertainers - nothing more and without their fans and people watching them, they are nothing.

If you would like to bombard the writer of this piece with accusations because Michael Jackson was acquitted and that no discretions could possibly take place when an adult male shares his bed with children that aren’t his own, then feel free to use the commenty box below. It eats expletives for breakfast. Yum! You could also share or like it using the social networking icons that appear elsewhere on this page. Thanks for reading.

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  1. Joanie

    23. Feb, 2012

    If you would like to bombard the writer of this piece with accusations because Michael Jackson….

    Yeah I’m going to bombard you! You should inform yourself. Read the real story, stop to believe anything writen in tabloid. Media lie. Michael was so pure. You should read Aphrodite Jones’s book (the conspiracy), she was there on the trial and she saw the real thing. How would you feel if you were accuse of something you are not. His heart was broken. He did so much for children and nobody know, Just write on youtube: Michael Jackson a true humatarian, you will see. Look at all the person who meet him and never saw him do something bad to a child. He was sleeping on the floor, he gives the bed to the child. He really love child but would never hurt them, The children who accused him was forced by their parents! Look the facts. They had no proof, but MJ had proof to accuse them of conspiracy! Sorry, i’m french, I’m not good in writting english

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  2. Name (required)

    10. Feb, 2012

    The main difference between Michael Jackson and eczema is that eczema waits until you are fifteen before it comes all over your face.

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  3. ian stewart

    19. Dec, 2011

    brandon roy brandon roy##

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