Paris Hilton Tries to Sell Her Stuff to Indians

Published: September 26, 2020

The most famous socialite in the world - Paris Hilton (the granddaughter of a hotel) – is currently in India promoting a range of handbags taken from her new Fall/Winter collection of her very own range of wonderful accessories for daft women. Obviously, what the world needs most during a recession is a wider choice of ghastly accessories for hideous and ridiculous women who value style over substance.

The spoiled young heiress was photographed in India with a clutch of little Indian girls (spot the PR exercise), who ironically, probably made the bags in the first place. For some of them, it was probably the first time they’d seen daylight.

Suckers for anything Western regardless of whether they it’s a chain of restaurants that sells cancer to kids using a friendly paedophile clown or a convicted drug user, crowds of Indians (probably a few) turned up to give Paris Hilton - a living logo for a materialism - an impressive reception at a shopping mall in Mumbai yesterday. Unless they were just on their way to the Disney Store and thought ‘who’s that skinny white prick with the giant bags?’

Paris Hilton: A female celebrity with a bag. Very refreshing.

Paris spent some time greeting her very young fans for the cameras, who had been waiting just to capture a glimpse of a rich woman from America trying to sell them something they were too young to need.

As usual Paris, who is famous for releasing a sex tape, having her very own reality TV show and being so rich that she is beyond the law, posed and pouted for the cameras as she unveiled her new range of overpriced accessories to a market enthusiastic about anything from the Western world – which explains why obesity is becoming an increasingly massive problem since McDonalds and all the other purveyors of toxic wonder foods that have arrived from the promised land, so that Indians can be just like us in the Western world: obese, bad tempered, depressed, toxic and dead.

Paris Hilton: would you trust this woman to design something?

Princess Hilton of America is giving the impression that all her woes are  truly behind her now, having recently been sentenced to a years probation, 200 plus hours community service and fined a massive 2000 bucks for cocaine possession – which is going to smart someone of her ilk. She probably only has to sell one of her bags to cover that. She was also found guilty of obstructing a police officer. She was arrested after she accidentally revealed an eighth of a gram of coke in her handbag as she reached into it for a lip balm in front of a police officer in August last year.

Much like that other avatar of nothingness, Victoria Beckham, whose range of animal skin handbags thankfully saved the world from being overrun by the massive population of useless crocodiles (that are deemed ugly until they become accessories for vile rich women with no taste or soul), Paris Hilton is trying every method she can of garnering some iota of success for herself. Being cock arsingly rich, just doesn’t seem to cut it anymore. So we have to put up with the single, the fragrances, the accessories, the sex tapes, the handbags, the clothing ranges and even the novels. The only thing I want to read by these empty noggined, pointless, clothes obsessed bimbags is a suicide note. Harsh but true.

Paris Hilton sulks when she finds out some Indian people can't afford her bags.

Paris Hilton’s Fall/Winter range of beautiful accessories is out now and come with useful hidden pockets ideal for concealing a small coke stash or IQ.

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