Lindsay Lohan and Samantha Ronson back on?

Published: February 19, 2021

New rumours have surfaced that Lindsay Lohan and Samantha Ronson may be restarting their relationship after they were spotted going home together following a night out in Los Angeles.

Lindsay Lohan was seen entering Hollywood’s Roosevelt Hotel at around 1.45 am on Friday morning, according to TMZ, and left around 45 minutes later with former girlfriend Samantha Ronson.

The pair, who had arrived in separate cars, were seen driving away with Ronson’s Porshe. According to the DJ’s Twitter account, Lohan stayed the night at hers. At around 5 am, Ronson wrote:

“Watching grey’s anatomy – my fav show - @lindsaylohan sleeping next 2 me – should i wake her up to let her know her mom is going on GMA?”

Thanks to this late night, rumours have also surfaced that Lohan has broken her sobriety pledge, People reports. The 24-year-old actress has just spent 11 weeks in rehab and has reportedly been sober since being released 6 weeks ago.

On Twitter, the star stated that her night out did not include a visit to Teddy’s nightclub, which is attached to the Roosevelt.

“I was just at roosevelt to meet Samantha and say happy birthday to a friend,” she Tweeted on Friday afternoon.

“I take my sobriety seriously,” Lohan continued. “Please dont believe this (sic) accusations. i know the rules and i wouldnt risk probation. xoxo L.”

Her mom, however, continues to worry about her. Dina Lohan talked to ABC News on Friday, saying she thinks her daughter will never be able to shake off her addictions fully.

“I believe [that Lindsay doesn't drink anymore], and I think it’s gonna be a lifelong struggle with addiction. But I think she’s gonna be okay,” she told the network’s Chris Cuomo.

“She’s a young girl struggling. You know, she’s not perfect…She’s learning as she goes, but she’s learning under a microscope, so I can’t even imagine how that is.”

Just last month, Lohan and Ronson had dinner at Joe’s in Venice, California, according to People, where a source says they “shared a friendly dinner.”

The star had reportedly moved into a house next door to Ronson’s after leaving rehab: “Lindsay has been begging Sam to see her and Sam finally gave in,” the source adds.

After dinner, the pair took a stroll around the neighbourhood and a couple of days later got talking over Twitter about a basketball game.

Lohan has vehemently maintained that her and Sam are just very good friends.

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