Katt Williams forced to pay over $500k in dog attack case

Published: December 19, 2020

Comedian, rapper and actor Katt Williams has been forced to pay a staggering $577,929 to an Atlanta record producer. The court ruling comes after Williams purportedly set his dog on the Merion Joseph Powers’ dog, an attack so ferocious that the producer’s dog almost died from its injuries.

Merion Joseph Powers sued Katt Williams in Atlanta suggesting that the rapper had run up a studio bill of around $28,000 and refused to pay. When he pressed Williams for the money he paid Powers a visit with his dog, which is when the attack took place.

Powers told the courts that Katt Williams had turned up at his studio with what he described as an “attack dog”, to which he issued a verbal attack command. The dog attacked Powers’ dog and caused it severe and life threatening injuries. Powers added that he felt Williams had done so in an attempt to intimidate the studio owner into dropping the debt.
In one of the all time greatest backfires, Powers won the court battle as the judge ruled in his favour and ordered Williams to pay in excess of half a million dollars. The $28k he owed for the studio must haunt him in his dreams now.

The saddest part is the needless injuries caused to an innocent creature. If Williams had set his dog on Powers he’d be facing prison time for assault with intent to harm, yet sadly the laws do not extend the same courtesy to animals. A change in the law is needed to stop such callous, bully mentality behaviour happening in future.

Do you think the fine is enough? Or should Williams face a prison term as well? Share your thoughts by leaving a comment.

Other celebs in trouble with the law include: Sam Jones III, Lief Garrett, Rapper T.I. and Michael Brea.

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