Family “threatened to kill” Harry Potter actress

Published: December 21, 2020

A Harry Potter actress was beaten and received death threats from her father and brother during a violent confrontation at her family home for going out with a non-Muslim man.

In a statement given to the police, Afshan Azad said her family was unhappy that her boyfriend was Hindu and that her father wanted to “force her” into an arranged marriage.

Prosecuting QC Richard Vardon told the court that Mr Azad was woken up by his son shouting: “Sort out your daughter! She’s a slag!” Vardon added: ‘He continued to assault her, shouting, ‘Just kill her!’

The 22 year old refused, however to testify and failed to turn up at the trial, saying that the arrest of her brother or father would place her in “genuine danger”.  As reported by the Daily Mail, the actress later attempted to gloss over the severity of the incident, saying that she could not understand her father’s heavy Bengali accent and that she may have misunderstood what he said.

Her brother Ashraf, 28, and father Abul, 54, were charged with making threats to kill her. Ashraf was also charged with assault. He was bailed on condition he lives at the family home and that he does not contact his sister or travel to London.

According to Home Office statistics, there are around 12 honor killings every year in the UK, usually with females as the victims.

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