Ewan McGregor receives poetic death threat on set of The Impossible

Published: December 23, 2020

39 year old Ewan McGregor, better known as Obi Wan Kenobi from the Star Wars saga, has received an ominous poem from his stand-in extra on the set of his new film, The Impossible.

Production on McGregor’s latest film had to stop after the actor was sent the death threat by the man who fills in for him when he’s not on set. The stand-in was found in McGregor’s trailer writing poetic death odes to the long standing Hollywood icon.

The filming of The Impossible is taking place in Phang-na, Thailand. The story, based on fact, follows a family whose lives were devastated when they were caught up in the 2004 tsunami.

The poem describes Ewan McGregor’s death at the hands of his stand-in, and includes the line: ‘Twisting the knife as I look into your eyes.’

A spokesperson for the local production crew from Santa Films said: ‘We could not call Thai police because the man had only written poetry, and they would be unlikely to understand. Instead there was no confrontation.

‘The extra was told that he would not be needed for a week and he would be called when it was time.

‘He was not called. He looked a little wide-eyed and preoccupied. The producers decided that he was a serious risk.’

The stand-in actor, an American man now living in Thailand, was never on set at the same time as McGregor, but he had been allowed access to the actor’s trailer for private use while on call.

The Santa Films employee added: ‘I understand he later applied for a position on Scorpion King 3 which is filming in Thailand at the moment.

‘I hope there is no further problem.’

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