Why Alex Jones wants you to believe the 9/11 Truth Movement

Published: September 11, 2020

September 11th, 2001 – 9/11 - arguably the most memorable day of the past 50 years. Everybody remembers where they were when those planes hit the buildings in New York and today, on the 10th anniversary of that horrendous occasion, there are those who won’t let you forget it.

Alex Jones is one such creature who loves to remind us that George W. Bush and his cronies conspired to kill their own citizens in such an horrific and unbelievable way that war against certain Arab nations (in order to seize control of their weapons of mass destruction, oil and land) was the only way to avenge the deaths of those innocents.

He doesn't even need the bullhorn - Alex Jones is the voice of unreason.

Whether Bush et al were the real perpetrators or not is almost irrelevant now. Yes, it does seem coincidental that Bush came into office early in 2001 and by the end of the year America was at war with two more nations; yes, such a devastating event would shock the American people into believing that terrorist forces were capable of launching clever and massively destructive attacks on homeland soil and that war against them was the only solution.

As the second plane hit we knew something horrific was unfolding.

In the years that passed questions started being asked. How did a passport survive the explosions when two whole planes and several buildings didn’t? Why did the engine they recovered from the rubble not match the type of plane the ‘terrorists’ used? How is it that the so-called terrorists have supposedly been seen alive and well since their deaths? Why was there absolutely no plane wreckage at the Pentagon? How the hell did WTC7 fall when nothing but minor debris hit it? And why, more than anything else, did the collapse of the twin towers look remarkably like a controlled demolition?

Since the event, Alex Jones has stood atop his soap box, bullhorn in hand preaching to a somnambulant public about how the government was responsible for the 9/11 terror attacks and from the ashes of Ground Zero the 9/11 Truth Movement (or Truthers) has emerged; a collection of disenfranchised social misfits who rarely leave their bedroom in the family home and hang on every shouted word which spews forth from Jones’ turgid, fevered imagination.


These Truthers have embarked on a mission to inform the world that dark forces trying to claim control of the whole planet used the 9/11 attacks to initiate a sequence of protocols which would effectively enslave mankind and end freedom of speech.

If the New World Order as they call them really were trying to control the entire population, and even cull them as some suggest, then why haven’t they done it yet?

Is it because Alex Jones’ ratings would suffer?

Make no mistake, Alex Jones has done more than his fair share of lying, conniving, extorting and abusing down the years and he is not afraid to dip into the world of cointelpro (counter intelligence program) when it suits him. Pay the organ grinder and watch the monkey dance.

The real reason Jones is so keen for you to believe the 9/11 Truth Movement is because it turns your attention away from all the real issues out there. He sits in his dungeon at an ‘independent’ station, harping (not HAARPing) on about major broadcasting corporations being the enemy when he himself is on the CBS payroll.

How much more mainstream can he get?

Furthermore, the real world views him and his truthers as fools who have nothing better to do with their time than follow a cult leader who has read too much Huxley and Orwell. The disenfranchised make easy targets.

The Fukushima disaster never did contribute to radiation sickness and cancer on America's west coast.

Take his coverage of the Fukushima disaster and how he convinced a handful of American citizens that the trade winds would blow radiation all the way across the Pacific and cause sickness and cancer in people living on the wast coast. Luckily he had some Potassium Iodide for sale on his website at a meagre $40 per dose.

After some research his followers were presented with factual evidence that he had bought supplies from a company at half that price and with no regard for health concerns told his ‘fans’ that they must start taking it to protect their thyroids when the radiation arrives. According to messages on Facebook many had started taking it anyway.

Potassium Iodide is harmful if taken at the wrong time - as was the prescription by Alex Jones

After this evidence was plastered all over his Facebook page he stopped selling it and instead took to promoting overpriced ‘Nuke Alerts’, a little keyring which only detected a certain type of radiation.

Even when faced with the evidence that he was ripping his followers off they still defended him suggesting that, like everyone else, he needs to make a living. Obviously the killing he made on his awful, ego driven, self-loving DVD’s isn’t enough to sustain the Texan shouty head.

As for conspiracies, sure there may be nuggets of fact or possibility amongst the masses of misinformation that pours out of Jones, but in a world with so much fantastic technology and covert operations occurring, is a bunch of bionic, megalomaniac pensioners hell bent on a population cull through fascism the best he can come up with? L Ron Hubbard would have been proud.

BEWARE: Bionic pensioners want to control you and maybe even kill you.

Since September 11th, 2001 there have been alarming and radical security changes in the United States. Paranoia really is the order of the day and that seems to have rolled down hill all over the population at large – that’s if Jones is to be believed.

The Department of Homeland Security has installed TSA agents at airports across the country and their ‘pat downs’ have been described as ‘pornographic’, ‘intrusive’ and evan as an ‘assault’ by some people, while bills have been passed to limit food choices to those produced by massive chemical companies and food manufacturers (s510) as well as the internet blacklist (s968).

The 9/11 theories have become more radical too as the years have rolled on and we’re now faced with the most absurd conspiracy to date. The contemporary mind twist doing the rounds on Youtube concerns the planes and how they were in fact computer generated, and that what in fact hit the buildings were anti-gravity remote controlled drones loaded with explosives. They are touted as the ‘nose-in, nose-out’ theory and are quite frankly offensive to anyone with an IQ in double figures.

Having smashed through a building, is it any surprise the nose changed shape?

This continual evolution of the 9/11 story not only trivialises the deaths of those who perished and insults those who lost loved ones in the attack, but also makes a mockery of any real investigations that might yield a nugget of truth about what really happened.

The effect that all this attention diverting has is extremely detrimental to the security and well being of millions of people who are currently being affected by wars and the ensuing ‘shock doctrine’ (a process used to assume control of land and assets while people are suffering tremendous shock).

Take Libya for instance. Why is it taking the UN so long to bring peace to this extremely troubled country when they managed to demonstrate their power in the Gulf War by flattening Baghdad in a matter of hours?

The Project for the New American Century is something to be concerned about.

And what about the Project for a New American Century [PNAC]? You can visit their website for yourself by clicking here and read the plans of the former Bush administration (Paul Wolfowitz, Dick Cheney to name but a few) who feel that American leadership is the model for the whole world to fall under. Combine that with JointVision 2020, the military arm of PNAC and you have a pretty scary and tangible threat to society and culture.

People like Alex Jones are making plenty of money out of the misery caused by the September 11th attacks and his diversionary tactics only serve to remind us that wherever there are cadavers, the maggots will soon arrive to feast.

Remember those who died and wish their families well, then perhaps we can let them sleep while we focus on the real issues in this crazy world, as opposed to a continual fantasy conjured up by fevered egos that only serves to divide a nation and desecrate the memory of all those who were given no choice but to die on that terrible day.

Please share your thoughts on 9/11, the truth movement or Alex Jones by leaving a comment.

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images: wearerealnews.com, worldpittsburgh.wordpress.com, prisonplanet.com, ronabbass.wordpress.com, fanoos.com, globalvoicesonline.org, declarepeace.org.uk, septclues.comcommons.wikimedia.org

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  1. InfoCon

    12. Sep, 2011

    This article is tripe. I wish I could get the time I wasted reading it back. Total propoganda garbage.

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  2. InfoCon

    12. Sep, 2011

    This article is tripe. I wish I could get the time I wasted reading it back. Total propoganda garbage.

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