Chubby Woman Boycotts American Apparel’s XL Range and Might Win

Published: September 09, 2020

A chunky sheila who entered American Apparel’s competition to find a plus-size moggle to represent its new range of clothing aimed at the stouter lady, currently stands a good chance of winning, despite her entry being a parody aimed at mocking the brand and its smug and irritating contest.

American Apparel is the high street brand that makes well… American apparel - clothing generally suited to miniature people whose tiny bones are the same thickness of most people’s veins, and of rather poor quality, and that are probably made by blind infants with bleeding fingers, despite apparently being made in downtown LA. Downtown LA being a sub-district of Korea. Well probably.

The competition titled ‘next big thing’ (see what they did there?) launched last month with the intention of finding a 12-14 (US) model to front the campaign. Entrants were to send in their pictures and the winner chosen by public vote. Kind of like a modern day cattle market then.

One aggrieved heifer, Nancy Upton, submitted photos of herself parodying suggestive ‘sexy’ images including a picture of her interred in a bath full of ranch dressing and  another where she is seen gorging herself on pie. Her competition entry has been so successful, drawing in so many votes, that she may well win the poll.

Nancy Upton: American Apparel's next big thing?

‘I just can’t stop eating,’ her competition entry reads.

Upton is a US size 12 and lives in Dallas, Texas. She was offended by American Apparel’s approach to the campaign and sent in the pictures as a pisstake, not thinking that they might be taken seriously by the general public.

American Apparel’s site reads: “We’re looking for fresh faces (and curvaceous bods) to fill these babies out. If you think you’ve got what it takes to be the next XLent model, send us photos of you and your junk to back it up. Just send us two recent photographs of yourself, one that clearly shows your face and one of your body.’Show us what you’re workin’ with!”

The general public are then asked to rate the entrants from ‘not quite’ to ‘Xlent’.

On her blog Upton wrote: “I don’t believe that beauty should be qualified as BECAUSE of someone’s size or IN SPITE of someone’s size. Beauty is beauty, it’s fluid, it’s objective and it doesn’t need to be justified to or by anyone.”

Over 950 largish wenches have entered the competition already, but it’s too late for you if you are fat and hot as the deadline has already finished. Upton is currently in second place. This could be down to her personal campaign to attack the contest, or down to the generally public unwittingly voting for her shots. She is a sexy bigun afterall. And that’s what they are looking for.

American Apparel extend their clothes sizes for fatties to save them from bankruptcy.

Her attention grabbing antics have attracted both praise and criticism for her cause. Some have accused her of offending and degrading fat birds and others have applauded her “bravery”.

“I believe the women who entered the American Apparel ‘contest’ are beautiful, brave people, and my attempt here to respond to the company’s course of action is JUST that - it is in no way a comment or critique of the women who have submitted photos.” She says on her blog. And she states that it is not her intention to win the contest. “I most certainly would not model for American Apparel, because (pretty obviously) I don’t agree with their business practices. I also would not expect to be asked to do so, even if I receive a majority of the votes (something I never planned on),” she states. “That being said, someone will. While I disagree with the message American Apparel is sending in the way they handled this competition, other people do not… And I respect that opinion.”

American Apparel’s CEO is a dodgy sounding bugger. Dov Charney is a known womaniser with delusions of grandeur – fancying himself as the new Hugh Hefner with the lifestyle that comes with it. Perhaps he’s been hanging out with classy Charlie Sheen.

And for those of us plumpsters who see American Apparel’s new biggy range as a step forward in recognising the various shapes and sizes that women come in, it could just as easily be seen as a last ditch attempt to save the company from bankruptcy. How will Dov Charney run his sleazy mansion of playbunnies when he’s on welfare after his crappy company that sells over-priced, poor quality garish attire for underfed rejects for the chorus line of The Kids From Fame? Who cares?

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