New study reveals obesity propaganda in the media

Published: August 23, 2020

Propaganda is rife in the war on Obesity and a recent study by an Italian doctor, Roberto Refinetti, has highlighted just how damaging poor information and weak theories can really be.

Refinetti who is based at the University of South Carolina, Salkehatchie, conducted a study on different sized dogs, from lean and healthy to overwieght. In his study which was carried out in collaboration with various scientists at the University of Messina, Sicily, Italy, he discovered a link between body weight and body temperature that led him to believe that leaner dogs with a higher body temperature remained lithe due to their higher temperature.

Dr Roberto Refinetti has published a very misleading study about the causes of obesity. Silly man.

“We don’t fully know the causes of the obesity epidemic that the U.S. is experiencing,” said Refinetti. “One possible cause that hasn’t been studied is the relationship between a lower body temperature and obesity.”

Actually, we do know the causes of obesity, and not just in America.

There has long been a link between highly processed foods which are high in sugar, fructose, starch or white flour and the growing number of obesity cases.

Before we, as a race of scientists, started introducing excessive sugar or alternative sweeteners into foods which makes them addictive, our global population carried far less obesity cases. Then food companies cracked onto the notion that more sugar equals more sales and repeat custom.

The super-size meal was born and the rest is history.

So much sugar and MSG on display. Have you ever felt satisfied or healthy after eating McDonalds?

Of course other chemicals play their part in the obesity battle too. MSG is a terrible component which confuses the brain into believing it is not full, as well as making it think the food tastes sensational. The outcome is accidental binge eating because the eater doesn’t realise they are full.

This intake of chemicals and sugar leads to all kinds of problems including indigestion, tiredness due to the body being unable to break food down at its normal rate, and it can also lead to eating disorders.

Food provides energy for the body but if overfilled or bad combinations are consumed (such as carbohydrates heavy or high amounts of carbohydrates and animal protein) the body then uses that energy to digest instead.

Dr. Refinetti, a doctor of psychology (not food or diet), has in the meanwhile shared his sage like knowledge on the subject of obesity and its possible causes by further adding, “The way to reduce energy intake is to eat less, but that means you feel hungry, and a common way to increase energy expenditure is to exercise, but many people lack the motivation.”

Dr Roberto Refinelli must have a degree in this.

Hate to pick you up there Doc but you’re only halfway there with the truth which is that if you eat the right types of food you can eat until you’re full and still feel satisfied. Excess amounts of junk food, fried stuff and bread will soon have you piling on the pounds if you don’t exercise heavily because they release sugar quickly into the body. A lack of a workout will allow that sugar to turn to fat within the body and hey presto – you’re obese.

His closing statement is perhaps the most ignorant and misleading of all.

“Although not yet replicated in humans, these results suggest that human obesity may be caused by a small reduction in the temperature at which the body maintains itself.”

If the world was built on ‘may be’ and ‘suggests’ then I’d be a multimillionaire philanthropist with a travel penchant and the funds to perpetuate that lifestyle having had several best selling books published. Sadly I’m only halfway there because the world isn’t like that, and these kinds of misleading reports and studies only serve to show us how far major food companies are going to throw us off the scent of their over-processed, obesity inducing fare.

The key to a long, happy and healthy life.

If you want to avoid falling victim to obesity and its brethren (heart disease, diabetes and cancer) then eat some fresh, organic fruit, try a smoothie for breakfast, cut out potato chips and white bread, go for a walk every day for 20 minutes and introduce some lovely leafy greens into your diet. The more raw fruit and vegetables you eat the better you’ll begin to feel.

Changing your body shape starts with changing your mind.

Your opinion is valuable to us so please leave a comment with your thoughts on Doctor Refinetti’s ‘findings’ or obesity related matters.

Read about Sugar and how it wrecks your body, alternative lifestyles which satisfy and keep you slim, changing your mind set about the way you eat, how to detox yourself and learn about Hatha yoga, a gentle way to lose weight and stay fit.





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