Timmi Radicke ushers in the age of male eating disorders

Published: September 14, 2020

Women have busted a gut (or had one tucked) to be like glorious female celebrity role models for decades. Ever since Ursula Andress sexily waddled up the beach in some old James Bond film (Dr. No), the female of the species has gone image and body crazy to such an extent that size zero is now considered normal and/or acceptable.

There is of course nothing normal or acceptable about looking like a leather jacket draped over an emaciated Meryl Streep’s skeleton, yet in the broken minds of many a soul there is the desire to be so thin that permanent organ damage or death are the only symptoms of success or happiness.

Ursula Andress waddles sexily up the beach and triggers a wave of anorexia.

For a long time it seemed that eating disorders were exclusive only to women but in the past decade, and with the advent of the ‘metrosexual’, men too are now succumbing to eating disorders as the media throws perfectly chiselled actors, musicians and models at us.

Timmi Radicke, a 6′ 2” 18-year-old model from Denmark is one such beast. With his ‘perfect’ abs and 29” waist the lofty ‘hunk’, who looks like an advert for gay porn, is currently dampening the underwear of teenage girls, whetting the appetites of fashionistas and destroying the confidence of young men still carrying a few pounds of puppy fat.

Timmi Radicke is so new to the fashion world he's had to have his name tattooed on his back so everyone knows who he is.

The fact that our world is so image conscious plays its part in the growing trend of male eating disorders and Radicke is a powerful weapon for the media.

Timmi Radicke is a powerful media tool.

The food industry works in a similar way; they know that their processed products are harmful to our health and even lace them with ingredients which make them addictive, yet they don’t care about the health risks involved like type II diabetes, cancer or heart disease because they know we’ll keep coming back for more because Big Pharma bails them out and feeds off the scraps all at once - like a twisted, symbiotic Romeo and Juliet affair.

I think that says it all. No need for a glib comment from me.

Sadly for us the fashion world now decides what we see as beautiful or ugly and apparently Timmi Radicke is the look for men. Set aside the fact that your physical frame will probably never allow you to have a 29” waist because that’s a size reserved for ballerinas and plump nine-year-old girls.

Anorexia is no longer exclusive to women.

The growing cases of anorexia and bulimia in men is a genuine cause for concern as it highlights that fact that vanity is becoming more prevalent. We can thank Hollywood for its contribution too; films like Thor for instance which lack any substance what-so-ever but show a dim-witted, muscle-bound Neanderthal in tight leather swinging a mallet about like a carpenter on speed in a bad mood. The ensuing interviews with the star continually discuss diet and work outs which easily led young men follow without the proper guidance, find it a struggle and give up after the weight gain phase.

Timmi Radicke seems to have lost his clothes again. He might catch a cold.

Then comes the denial and self-deprecation; living in a shell which is made to seem even more repugnant by images of the supposedly perfectly formed Timmi Radicke.

Hollywood churns these out on a daily basis; muscled-up professionally sculptured meat heads who can't act. Try not to follow.

There needs to be a decent counter-movement to the mass media, fashion world, film, music, food and pharmaceutical industries to ensure that people are able to live happily within their skins, otherwise we’re all going to be knee-deep in the corpses of self imposed Auschwitz style victims in the not too distant future.

Please share your thoughts on the fashion world, Timmi Radicke or eating disorders by leaving a comment.

Read about Iseabelle Caro’s death after anorexia, Calista Flockheart, Portia De Rossi, Ana Carolina Reston, and Jessica Alba who have all battled with the disease.

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    Ah, cmon… He is just an ugly skinny duckling. Does he have pubic hair, yet?

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