Who Killed Amy Winehouse?

Published: August 30, 2020

The news of Amy Winehouse’s death last month was greeted with a combination of grief and relief, and an iota of shock by people too foolish or unconcerned to see it coming.

People everywhere were suddenly Amy Winehouse’s best friend and sales of her most successful album Back to Black rocketed as hoi polloi realised they were staunch fans of the deceased singer – a fact that had remained dormant until the news of her death was released, reminding them they’d always liked her but not enough to buy one of her albums.

People crowded into the square in Camden Town, London where she lived and died and famous friends of the chanteuse and some not-so-famous not-so-friends got in on the act claiming affinity, close friendship et al for a person too dead to be able to dispute the fact.

Amy Winehouse: cause of death still unknown.

Lady Gaga, jealous of the ultimate publicity stunt pulled by Winehouse, claimed that she was unable to speak for two days after the news of the death of someone she’d never met was received. In which case, it’s a shame that Amy Winehouse can’t die more often.  And then, as if not embarrassing herself enough, she made porcine noises about playing Winehouse when they get around to making a film about her life. They could call it Lady Gaga as Amy Winehouse.

A small child in the Caribbean materialised all of a sudden claiming to be Winehouse’s daughter she was just on the brink of adopting before she went off and died, leaving her in the hands of her horribly unfamous real mother with no back catalogue of Mercury prize winning albums, grump. Kelly Osbourne, daughter of Ozzy, suddenly seemed to be magically conjured everywhere the name ‘Winehouse’ was even whispered, slating other minor celebrities for cashing in on the death of a friend, whilst appearing to do the exact same thing for her very own self.

Amy Winehouse’s sinister father, Mitch Amy-Winehouse appeared to be enjoying having Amy’s spotlight shining down upon him self, and announced news of a forthcoming Amy Winehouse Foundation, although sadly the domain name had already been registered by someone equally opportunistic, which must have smarted. Talk about being beaten at your own game. Martin McCann who now owns the website URL  is only doing what everybody else has been doing for four weeks or in some cases, since Amy found fame. Exploiting her name and milking her famous udders. They may not have been as obvious as McCann but the outcome is the same and they are just as guilty.

Four weeks later and I wonder if her fellow Camden Town drinkers, junkies, stinkers, lopers and hangers on who claimed to know her are done with clinking glasses as they expel slurred and insincere eulogies to the dead girl as they stare into the bottom of Hawley Arms’ glassware and have to face the ignominy of paying for their glasses to be refilled themselves.

Amy Winehouse: destroyed by fame.

The long awaited toxicology report has proved frustratingly inconclusive and it seems there is still  no closure for the life and death of Amy Winehouse, just a load of speculation as to what might or might not have finished the young poplet off.

The report showed that no traces of recreational drugs were found inside Winehouse’s body – which puts a dampener on the supposed cocktail of class ‘A’ drugs she is rumoured to have bought the night before with a drug dealer ‘friend’.  Traces of alcohol were found although it is not clear in what kind of quantities but that puts an end to Mitch Amy-Winehouse’s claim that she had been dry for three weeks prior to death.

Whether it was the frailty of her body no longer able to cope, eating disorders, emphysema, alcohol or a combination of the above, what really killed Amy Winehouse it would appear, is fame and what fame bought her.

Amy Winehouse was the reluctant superstar. She didn’t need to be famous and it didn’t fit comfortably with her. She was an ordinary down-to-earth girl who could carry a tune and liked to have a good time, just like most people her age. Unable to cope with the demands and attention of a salacious media eager to record her every faux pas as she stumbled through the last few years of a young life saddened by recreational drugs, vast quantities of alcohol, bad company and the eyes of a filthy media providing dirt for a greedy public that slurped up her every foolish indiscretion as they nursed hangovers and bacon sandwiches of their own.

Amy Winehouse: great voice; bad judge of character.

The results of an inquest into the cause of Amy Winehouse’s death will be released in October but it seems the real cause of death was fame and money and the eating disorders,and addictions that went with it.

It was the unremitting publicity and the spoils of fame that killed Amy Winehouse and her bad judgement when it came to other people, and the company she chose to keep.

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