Is the furore surrounding Amy Winehouse’s death dying down?

Published: August 08, 2020

Three weeks after the most famous alcoholic and public junkie’s death, everything has gone quiet on the subject of the self destructive anti-diva, Amy Winehouse. There’s not much really left to say on the matter. The media are still dredging up friends who apparently knew the departed girl and who comment on her drinking. Like the friend last week who said they bought a delicious cocktail of life defying category A drugs the night before she died. And today a friend who commented on her drinking saying that she had replaced drugs with white wine and that when she was drinking she lost track of days. Erm, what like every other ‘normal’ alcoholic then? That’s not news. That’s alcoholism.

The media have milked everything they can out of the conditions surrounding Amy Winehouse’s demise and now in the open-plan offices of periodicals everywhere, the strumming of fingers can be heard, as the tension builds whilst the news of the toxicology report that might finally shed light on her cause of death are awaited more eagerly than a blood thirsty lycanthrope awaits a big fat full moon.

Amy Winehouse - is the furore regarding her death finally dying down?

Now that everyone has calmed down a little and the floral tributes outside her home have wilted and died in the square near her home. Famous supposed friends’ silly public fights that seemed to be akin to ‘I was better friends with her than you were’ have died down, the fake stories have appeared about whether or not she was still on drugs and whether or not she was still drinking have petered out, the child she was supposed to adopt has reared her head, the shameless self promoters (Gaga) have put their bit in, and the ghouls of Camden Town (where she lived in London) that claimed to be her friends have gone back to their boring media jobs, so that they can buy more expensive clothes that look cheap.

Her father has set up the Amy Winehouse Foundation that will have its headquarters in the home she had moved into not long before she died and her god daughter, Dionne Bromfield sang a tribute to her at the Big Chill Festival in England.

Amy Winehouse - the sweet face of a disturbed girl.

The furore that surrounded her life and death has simmered down and it almost feels like she has finally been allowed to rest in peace, which was probably exactly what she craved but through excessive drugs and alcohol.

It really doesn’t matter whether she died due to imbibing too many harsh drugs, if she marinated her emaciated frame in alcohol one last time, or if it was the shock of abstinence, a heart attack or suicide – the girl is dead and our lives go on.

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