Mitch Winehouse claims Amy is with him in spirit

Published: September 17, 2020

In some religions they say that in death we find peace and tranquillity, while assuming the form of an animal by way of spiritual expression.

In life Amy Winehouse was a lost soul stuck on a path not of her own choosing and forced to live with the daily consequences of that enforced lifestyle. To a large extent she failed and instead hid herself inside a bottle, a square of foil or the contents of a cigarette paper.


Mitch Winehouse steering Amy as he always did.

The wounds of her passing on July 23rd are still too raw for many to allow her to move on and according to her father Mitch, she is still with him in spirit. And that must suit his current publicity drive.

Furthermore, the crooked and too-good-to-be-true Mitch Winehouse now claims that his daughter paid guests at her funeral a visit in the guise of a black butterfly.

Mitch Winehouse claims his daughter returned as a black butterfly.

When I did the eulogy at her funeral, as I got up to speak, a black butterfly came in.”

I had my head down because I was reading and I could hear people muttering and I thought the paparazzi had got in.”

It landed on Kelly Osbourne’s shoulder then flew around me, have you ever heard anything like that in your life? It’s incredible.”

While Anderson Cooper may have been amazed by Mitch’s story, the more sceptical amongst us should rightly question his motives.

For a former taxi driver who has forged his own singing career on the back of his exploited daughter’s fame; who used her as leverage to form a trust in her name only after she had died and who continues to seek publicity for himself to assume that the girl he forced into a destructive music career would come back as a butterfly is utterly insulting to her.


Amy Winehouse should have returned as a black bull to help her find peace.

If she had any sense at all she’d come back as a black bull and charge through the sycophantic crowd, stomp on the pointlessly famous-for-being-somebody-famous’s-daughter Kelly Osbourne’s head and steam towards her insidious father, pinning him to the dais before goring him to death.

Even now he won’t let her rest,just as when she was alive and struggling with her addictions and lifestyle. The best he could do for all concerned is shrink away and never speak again because his continual use of her as some sort of religious icon is wearing thin. A little investigation into her estate should be carried out. I wouldn’t bet against Mitch Winehouse being the beneficiary of her royalties.

Perhaps he is a ghost too, the spirit of a former self come back as a leech.

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Read about the lead up to Amy Winehouse’s death starting with her Serbian performance, cancelling her tour, the day she died, her father Mitch sets up the Amy Winehouse Foundation and the rise and fall of an addict.


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3 Responses to “Mitch Winehouse claims Amy is with him in spirit”

  1. Kendra

    17. Sep, 2011

    Who the hell are you to judge this man!!! (I’m assuming whoever wrote this is Robert Jr Graham from the email address @ the end of the article but obviously you are too much of a coward to print your name with this article) You may see his past & current “publicity drives” as an attempt to exploit his daughter. I see it as a parent who did everything he could to try to protect & save his daughter. Now he is doing everything he can to protect her legacy & help others who suffer like she did—you know create some good out of tragedy. I’m assuming that you are not a parent yourself so you wouldn’t understand the fact that you try to do anything you can to protect your child. Mitch has never denied the fact that his own budding music career would not exist if it weren’t for Amy….and the fact that Amy supported him just as he supported her, she obviously didn’t think he was using her & from what I’m hearing about her family values, she would have been his #1 fan!! People like you disgust me…exploiting one mans struggles & sadness for YOUR PERSONAL GAIN!! If you don’t have the proper facts maybe you shouldn’t post your ridiculous ideas!

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    • Lee

      18. Sep, 2011

      My name is on the article if you care to look but if you want to carry on calling me names that’s fine, it’s your prerogative.

      Mitch Winehouse did nothing to protect his daughter while she was alive and if, as you say, he tried ‘everything he could’ then she’d still be alive. He did in fact push her into a music career that she didn’t want. She wanted to have children and ride horses, teach kids to sing and live a quiet life.

      I frankly don’t care whether people like me disgust you or not but if we are casting aspersions over who has the right to judge then you should ask who you are to judge me?

      Best regards,

      Jacob Lee Bane.

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  2. L Vaverages

    18. Sep, 2011

    Well said. I always thought there was something dodgy about Mitch Winehouse. He definitely pulled Amy’s strings. I find him a very suspicious character. I wonder how much of the donations for the foundation will end up lining Mitch’s pockets and be tax-free?

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