Jermaine Jackson once again rides his brother’s fame train to self promote.

Published: September 16, 2020

In true self-promotion fashion Jermaine Jackson is talking up his brother’s narrow escape from death by terrorism after he was due to appear in New York on the day of the 9/11 terrorist attacks. Coincidentally, Jermaine is also touring to promote his book, You Are Not Alone: Michael Through a Brother’s Eyes which covers Michael Jackson’s last days, even though Jermaine wasn’t there.

Clearly cashing in on not only his brother’s death but also the misery of 9/11, Jermaine Jackson, one of the least talented and more pointless of the Jackson throng has learned well from the school of shameless self-promotion.

Famous for being the brother of someone famous, Jermaine Jackson is cashing in.

Let’s be clear here, Michael Jackson was in New York on the day of those horrendous attacks to perform at Madison Square Garden, 1.5 miles from Ground Zero. He was not however at Madison Square Garden at the time of the attacks so what’s actually happening here is Jermaine, bless him, is sensationalising his story to sell his book – which is cashing in on his brother’s death. Wanker.

Such cold blooded nonsense should be ignored and if there were any justice in the world his book would be pulped, forests would be saved and he would disappear back into obscurity and stop pestering us with his desperation for fame and recognition. What he’s doing is tantamount to posting that he has a hangover on Facebook and then expecting the sympathy and/or attention to come rolling in. Wanker.

Jermaine Jackson is broke and desperate. Thank god his dead brother still sells well.

With that in mind, here are a few other examples of celebrities who nearly-but-didn’t-die.

CWD favourite Katie Price aka Jordan (famous for her tits) was on holiday in Argentina earlier this year when her speeding jeep hit and killed a horse. The newspaper reported that she had almost been killed but the universe isn’t that kind and she got away with minor shock and a bit more publicity. Like she needs it. She was saved by her airbags.

Katie Price was saved from uncertain death by her famous airbags.

Joss Stone was said to have been at the centre of a malicious kidnapping, extortion and murder plot. In true English style, two men from Liverpool drove a shopping car to her hometown in Devon and like archetypal Scooby Doo villains left clues to their nefarious scheme on display in the car. Scousers have never been credited with an over-abundance of brains and those two did nothing to change that point of view. Joss Stone is alive and well and still making crap records.

It's all smiles now but Joss Stone had shitty pants when scousers tried to abduct her with some string and a shopping trolley.

David Arquette, more famous for his rehab stints and failed marriage with Courteney Cox than his roles in Scream and whatever else he’s done was involved in a car crash in March this year. That’s it. His car hit another car, he got out eventually and was fine. But the media dressed it up a little differently.

David Arquette - Likeable but stupid.

Maybe the same people who watchdog advertising should also cover media and newspaper reporting so that the same pointless sensationalism that the likes of Heatworld and, to a lesser extent Jermaine Jackson, shit out on a daily basis is pulled from our collective consciousness and recognised as the cancer it truly is.

Feel free to pollute the rivers of our comment section by sharing your thoughts on shameless self-promotion.

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