Michael Jackson: Anniversary of the death of the King of Pop

Published: June 25, 2020

One year ago today, Michael Jackson died after a cardiac arrest in his Los Angeles home. His personal physician and paramedics attempted to revive the King of Pop, to no avail. He was pronounced dead, with the news hitting like a shock wave the world over. It was instantaneous. Everyone knew all of a sudden: Michael Jackson was dead. To many it was a shocking and tragic moment.

His family, friend and fans immediately took to grieving the loss of one of their son, their brother, their father, their friend and one of the best artists the world has ever known.

Vigils were held simultaneously across the globe, with such a outpouring of grief from his millions of fans . Many traveled to Los Angeles to be closer to the star, and to partake in his public memorial service, held on July 7, 2009, at the Staples Center.

His daughter’s words will never be forgotten. Taking to the stage in front of thousands of fans at the Staples Center and nearly one billion watching from home, she said:

“I just wanted to say, ever since I was born, daddy has been the best father you could ever imagine! I just wanted to say I love him so much.”

An initial autopsy concluded there were no indications of foul play, however Michael’s family insisted a second one be performed. Two months after Michael’s death, the Los Angeles County Coroner officially classified Michael’s death as a homicide. Toxicology reports had found large amounts of Propofol and Lorazepam in the singer’s body, as well as several other medications.

Accusing fingers quickly pointed to Dr. Conrad Murray, Michael’s personal physician, after he died. It was revealed that the star – who was planning killer comeback shows at London’s O2 Arena – was taking many painkillers and sedatives. Many of these medications are not readily available over the counter, and have to be prescribed by a physician. One such medication was Propofol.

Propofol, used to sedate patients, proved to be what killed Michael Jackson. Mixed into the cocktail of all other medications he was taking, the lethal injection of Propofol, administered by Dr. Conrad Murray, ended the life of the world’s largest pop superstar. Michael’s personal physician was charged with involuntary manslaughter.

Dr. Conrad Murray trial

On Monday, February 8, 2009, he made his fist appearance before a judge in relation to the death of Michael Jackson. He pleaded not guilty to the charges brought against him.

The trial has brought more details of the infamous night to light. A witness claims Dr. Murray delayed calling 911 until he had hidden multiple drug vials that were situated in the singer’s bedroom. According to Michael’s logistics director Alberto Alvarez, paramedics were only called to the scene after Dr. Murray had concealed the drugs, the New York Daily News reported.

Another piece of damning evidence that was presented was the fact that Dr. Murray was observed giving the singer CPR on his bed – a hard, flat surface, like the floor, is more suitable for the procedure. Murray was also observed administering the CPR with one hand, even though the procedure is correctly performed with two.

Californian authorities wanted to revoke Dr. Murray license to practice medicine – a court decision the Jackson clan showed up to. On June 21, 2010, Judge Michael Pastor let Dr. Murray keep his license, albeit only because he didn’t have the jurisdiction to revoke it.

Shaken and enraged by the outcome, Michael’s brother, Randy, released the following statement, as Peace FM reports.

“The recent court proceedings have been difficult for us as a family. However, it is a necessary process that we are well prepared to endure in our fight for justice for Michael. Despite our strong feelings about the outcome, we have continued respect and faith in Judge Michael Pastor, the Deputy District Attorney David Walgren and our judicial system.”

Outlandish conspiracy theories

Many fans would rather not believe Michael Jackson is dead, and have therefore created countless conspiracy theories, maybe to cope better with the situation, or to be believe he is in a better place.

Faked death

Some believe the King of Pop faked his own death to get out of his financial problems. They believe he has created a new identity for himself and is living happily ever after with Elvis.

Some hardcore fan websites, as The Sun reports, write fans have seen the singer crossing the border into Mexico just days after his death, or report with all seriousness he is living in hiding in Eastern Europe.

Just hours after Michael’s death, a toilet cleaner reported he saw the singer sneak out of a back door of the hospital dressed in a nun’s outfit.

Some even believe that after years of hiding out, Michael will come back, tell everyone his death was a hoax, and embark on the largest world tour ever.


Michael Jackson actually died a year or two earlier, and was replaced with an impersonator to do press conferences ahead of his 02 ‘This Is It’ residency. A website called Jackson Faked His Own Death claims Michael was terminally ill, and his family and friends were told of the plot with the impersonator before he died.


One of the more outrageous conspiracy theories states that Michael was killed by Iran radicals to detract attention from the issues in their nation immediately following the election.

Murdered, Part II

Some believe Congress may have arranged for Michael to be killed in order to pass a controversial new law. While the media was covering his death and everyone stared on in disbelief on Friday night, Congress silently passed a vote while everyone else was too busy.

Who is taking care of his children?

Michael’s mother Katherine, 80, is looking after Prince Michael, Paris and Prince Michael II is Los Angeles. As beneficiaries of Michael’s will, they are currently receiving $86,000 every month. In the event that Katherine passes away, Diana Ross will reportedly care for Michael’s children, it says in his will.

All three children will inherit the first bulk of their inheritance when they turn 30, Michael’s will states, and the rest of it 10 years later.

Meanwhile, Michael’s father, Joe – who is currently living off social security checks – is currently wielding plans for a multi-million dollar Jackson family museum in their hometown, Gary, Indiana.

One-year anniversary

Today will see many fans from all over the world in Los Angeles, either at the family home in Encino, or at Michael’s final resting place – Forest Lawn Memorial-Park in Glendale. Security is prepared at both locations, and expect a huge influx of fans.

A year after his death, USA Today answers some of the questions still burning on everyone’s lips.

Read our complete coverage of Michael Jackson.

Read the shocking findings of Michael Jackson’s autopsy report.

Images: PR Photos – http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Michael_Jackson_Star.JPG, Author: Taty2007 – Youtube.com screenshot (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aH5Mwk1l8MY&feature=related)

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