Superhero Psyche: Batman vs The Joker

Published: October 11, 2020


When it comes to a meeting of minds there’s probably no bigger battle than these two extreme ends of the bipolar scale.  Let’s examine the psyches of these supercharged super men a little more thoroughly.

Batman, or the “Dark Knight” as he is called on the streets of Gotham City, is the ultimate crime fighter in many respects.  Born out of anger and rage at the death of his parents, Bruce Wayne set out to avenge his mother and father from whom he inherited strong principles and a vast fortune with which to build his vast array of crime solving gadgets.

He is extremely intelligent, thorough and a supreme forensic detective who has the added weight of muscle and martial arts to match almost any adversary.  But what drives him?  What keeps him on the right side of the line?

He has a strong sense of justice which he exacts as best he can but is something of a megalomaniac.  He is essentially a normal human being with no super powers and that gives him limitations which he does not respect, making one feel he has ideas above and beyond his true power and importance.

Vengeance is his guiding light.  Many regard Batman as the true personality, a dark and brooding character who hides behind the mask of Bruce Wayne, born the day his parents were murdered.  He is a psychopath in some people’s eyes, a brutal, violent crackpot who lives in the shadows and uses fear to weaken his many enemies’ resolve, but true to his code never kills anyone – that is his one major rule.

His code is an indication of conscience, which, in some respects is a weakness.  He has strong morals and in his own mind he is setting the right example for others to follow.  By solving crimes the right way, catching the perpetrators and locking them up in prison, or worse, Arkham Asylum.

His arch nemesis is The Joker, a crazed sociopath who revels in creating chaos but the two have a special relationship.  The Joker feels that Batman is the perfect game and Batman sees The Joker as a perfect project.  This situation creates a mutual respect of sorts between the pair, and of course, leaves the door open for more enthralling stories and battles of wits.

In comparison to his ultimate adversary he seems relatively calm and sane but after witnessing his parents’ murder it’s possible that violence was ingrained into him.  Violence also leads to notions of insecurity, as is also backed up by his inability to have a relationship with anyone else.

In summary, Batman is as much as contradiction as The Joker with whom he has an intriguing fascination.  He is principled and has high morals yet megalomaniacal and violent.

What do you think?  Is Batman a crazed psychopath or a model citizen with a passion for justice?

Tune in for more superhero psyche evaluations.  Coming next, The Joker.

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