Warren Jeffs: raped children in the name of god. Hallelujah!

Published: August 14, 2020

Another great ambassador for religion and the human race in general one Mr Warren Jeffs – a lovely Texan polygamist found very guilty of paedophilia has been sadly sentenced to life imprisonment this week. He’ll be sorely missed. Like Hitler was.

Religion – a creation of mankind’s disturbed, arrogant and impudent mind - will forgive the human species anything it seems and under the guise of religion it appears that adult human beings will perform any old disgusting act on another person or animal – safe in the knowledge that they can get away with it, because whatever retarded god or hideous false idol they worship, will forgive them.

Warren Jeffs is a self-proclaimed prophet and the leader of a fundamentalist church where he sermonizes about segregation and modesty, compelling his numerous wives to remain indoors and wear plain and baggy uniforms.

However, in a selection of photographs that were released in the media this week, it has emerged that his own life was very different to that which he preached to his community. Slightly more rapey for a start.

The pictures show him whilst he still evaded capture (before being caught) with one of his favorite underage wives and dressed in leathers. I was taught it was wrong to favour one underage wife over another – but that’s Jeffs for you – he makes his own rules.

Warren Jeffs' Wives

Warren Jeff's' Wives: Do you all take this grotesque megalomaniac, paedophile rapist to be your lawfully wedded husband?

In another picture, we see fifty of his ghoulish wives in what appears to be a very disturbing and unwholesome family photo. United by two similarities, their adoration of a grotesque and disturbed power-hungry intimidator of children and young women.

He had 78 wives altogether, many of them related and a third of them under the age of 17. He used them to not only service him sexually but also to hold one another forcefully down in order to make it easier for him to rape them. There is nothing worse than a struggling child when you are trying to do a rape.

Warren Jeffs on his motorbike - because 700 wives just doesn't express his manliness quite enough.

Fifty-five-year old Jeffs was the leader of the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, a predatory position he used in order to prey on young and stupidly naïve guidance-hungry religious nitwits unable to distinguish between good and very evil, even when it’s holding you down and raping you with its prophetic penis.

On the FBI’s Ten Most Wanted criminals list, Jeffs fate took a jury in Texas less than half an hour before it sentenced the tragic old paedophile to the maximum possible sentence for his cowardly and sickening crimes. He was found guilty of aggravated sexual assault, for which he will serve life, followed by a second count for plain old boring sexual assault, for which he will remain on prison holiday for a consecutive 20 years, hopefully in the present of rather muscular psychopathic serial killers who loathe child-shaggers and have a penchant for exceptionally rough anal sex, and insatiable sexual appetites. was also ordered to pay a fine of $10,000 dollars. That’s going to smart.

Warren Jeffs and Loretta; she was about 6.

The man – who once thrived on power over the weaker - already appears emaciated, pallid and sorrowful in photos that have emerged from the prison as he begins his long-term vacation behind bars where he is not permitted visitors or calls. So even the impudently trusting and easily brain-washed underage girls that foolishly saw him as a powerful and religious icon, can’t visit and get their weird culty religious fix.

The megalomaniacal monster defended himself and at one point read out a statement that threatened a “whirlwind of judgement” from god if his ‘humble servant’ was not released. Luckily, the jury it seems, was not made up of ignorant and frightened 12-year-old girls, and therefore his truculent words went unheeded.

During the hearing explicit recordings depicted him sexually assaulting a 12-year-old and also instructing other minors on how they could please him sexually. The little girls were told that they were pleasing god by submitting to the sexual deviant’s needs and that by doing so they would help atone for the sins of their community.

Ronald McDonald, the planet's favourite child abuser.

In other evidence, Jeffs’ niece described how she was raped by her uncle when she was seven-years-old and promised a place in heaven if she kept silent about the attack. And one of his nephews described that he was also raped by Jeffs when he was five-years-old and was told by Jeffs that it was “between you, me and god”. Sex offenders aren’t even original.

“Mr. Jeffs had his big house, where he chose to warehouse hundreds of girls and women for his sexual gratification. The state of Texas has a big house too, and that is where Warren Jeffs should spend the rest of his days,” Eric Nichols (Assistant Texas Attorney General) told the jury. ‘Warren Jeffs made himself into something that harms each and every person he touches,’ he added.

[Ronald mcdonal]Several other men who belonged to the church have also been prosecuted, and have received sentences of between six and 75 years. The sect – that encourages polygamy has more than 10,000 members throughout the world. Like an international club for megalomaniacal paedophiles – that’s nice.

Whilst the propensity of some men to be evil never fails to disgust me, the out and out stupidity of some females, that will hold down a 12-year-old girl whilst a grown man rapes her, is equally horrendous.

Many of the women have stated that their role in the attacks was borne out of fear. Jeffs inherited the role of leader at his foul and stinking church of pathetic deviancy rom his father – another grotesque individual who raised his son to believe that as a man, women were rightfully his to abuse. Sounds like a great father. I wonder if he had any daughters?

Rot in prison Warren Jeffs. I hope you took plenty of Vaseline. Us on the outside are still waiting for that ‘whirlwind of judgement’.

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