Justin Bieber says he won’t derail like other teen stars

Published: February 27, 2021

Justin Bieber is going all out to assure is fans that he won’t follow the same path as other teen superstars when it comes to things like drugs and alcohol.

He has insisted that after seeing other young stars fall by the wayside and derail so nihilistically he will make sure that he doesn’t follow suit.

The 16-year-old pop sensation has been rumoured to have studied the lives of previous teen prodigies, learning about their troubles and what led them to capitulate so heavily. He is adamant that he will not be lured into the trap of vices such as drugs, alcohol and sex games.
In an interview with Contactmusic, the star of Never Say Never told them: “There are a lot of teen stars that have taken the wrong road. I have a great support system, I have great friends and family to keep me grounded and keep me on the right path.”

And in addition to that, the Never Say Never star was quick to thank his fanatical and extremely vociferous followers who have kept him motivated with their relentless support desire for more and more from him.

“My fans are really loud but they are great. I wouldn’t be in this position without them so they are definitely great and I give them all the respect. I’ve never liked someone that much to just go and scream that loud.”

Watch this space. Words are meaningless without action and time will tell whether Bieber will live to regret these churlish words when he’s a washed out crack, smoking alcoholic, sex addict.

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