Drunken toddlers run riot at Applebee’s, law suits and bigger trailers follow

Published: April 17, 2020

In two different cities, just days apart, two outraged mothers have filed complaints to restaurants that inadvertently served alcoholic drinks to their youngsters.

In Florida, Jill Vanheest’s two-year-old got tanked up on sangria, instead of the apple juice that her mother had ordered at a branch of food chain Applebees; Mrs. Vanheest clearly not noticing a deep red drink arriving in the guise of apple juice.

“They poisoned my child right in front of me,” said a delirious Vanheest on Friday. “There aren’t really words for how distrustful that makes me feel, how angry I am.”

A sad indictment of our times as drinkers get younger and younger

And then on April 8, just a week later, Taylor Dill-Reese said that her 15-month-old son was given alcohol during a meal, again instead of apple juice.

Applebee’s issued an apology to Ms Dill-Reese “for the stress and worry this caused them.” They have promised to make changes to the way the apple juice is served in order to protect other young children from getting drunk.

But the mother, who at 18, is little more than a child herself, has seized the opportunity to make an example of the restaurant.

Giving babies booze is an old fashioned method of pacifying them during mealtimes. Gone are the days of dipping babies’ bottles in brandy to keep the little shits quiet; or in the case of alcoholic mothers, just forcing a distended gin-soaked udder into their mouths to chew on.

“It’s just sad, the simple fact that this isn’t the first time this happened (or) that they were going to change the way they were going to serve drinks,” the mother said. “Why wait two, three kids later to change the way you serve drinks? What if my son was the one that died?”

No one died.

Considering obesity issues in this country and the issues with toxic food, you’d think a really caring mother, would have had a qualm or two about feeding their children this high in bad fat, toxin laden, over processed, heart stopping, carcinogenic mulch in the first place. Giving a child a glass of wine is clearly unacceptable to the majority of parents, but when the glass of wine is washing down low quality meat from non-organic farms, french fries marinated in cheap oils that spoil at high temperatures, pasta made from white flour, and a few pre-packaged, over processed vegetables that have been heated so many times that they have become almost unrecognisable; that’s acceptable. Follow this up with dessert – no doubt full of dairy, sugar and white flour again, then you have to wonder, what more harm is a bit of weak wine watered down with fruit juice going to do?

Not only is the restaurant poisoning your beloved progeny in front of your eyes, but you are willingly paying them to do so.

“The parent, unfortunately, cannot now trust what used to be a no-brainer,” Krawitz said. “Restaurants are serving drinks for kids, millions of drinks, but now, given these sort of rash of … unavoidable or unacceptable mistakes, the parents now have to test the drink.”

Sensing a pay out, the Police were called to Applebee’s in Michigan after Dill-Reese and her fiance noticed Dominic behaving oddly “saying ‘hi’ and ‘bye’ to the walls (and) laid his head down like he was sleepy, then woke up and got really hyper,” recalled the angry mother. All side effects of drunkeness and eating foods that discombobulate sugar levels in the blood stream.

The trashed toddler was rushed to hospital, where the doting single parent and her fiance, told sources that the little one had a blood-alcohol limit of .10. Madison Heights Police however, conducted a field test and found that the drink contained just a 0.14 level of alcohol.

Dill-Reese has already filed a lawsuit against Applebee’s.

In the case of Vanheest, the child reportedly began “getting louder and louder,” a behavioural trait only considered permissible in drunken adults.

Both furious mothers, despite having received apologies from the restaurant chains involved, are not ready to give up. Presumably not until they have at least raked in the down payments on a new trailer home.

By all means share your thoughts on the state of alcohol abuse in America, trailer trash trying to extort money from people or why alcohol is any worse than the tripe served up in most chain restaurants by leaving a comment.

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images: extremefunnyhumor.com; applebees.com

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  1. Cheri

    18. Apr, 2011

    Funny, but make sure your facts are straight- it was supposed to be OJ at Olive Garden- so my question is, what moron looks a purple Sangria in a clear cup and thinks “Oh yeah- that looks like Orange Juice” And the lottery mentality trash parents have already started coming out of the woodwork- Chili’s on the southside of Chicago (go figure) has now been accused by another mother looking for a quick buck!

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  2. laquisha johnson

    26. Apr, 2011

    i dun get it whys not gib a kid a little drank, whats the big deal?

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