Elle MacPherson angers animal rights activists

Published: September 25, 2020

Bob Dylan wasn’t wrong when he said, “the times they are a changing,” but what got lost in the message and glory of the song was that they are changing for the worse.

With burning issues like environmentalism, human and animal rights being buried under heaps of celebrity bullshit over which the ignorant masses happily obsess, it’s always a good opportunity to highlight a particular issue when a high profile celebrity is stupid enough to publicise their ignorance.

In this case it’s Elle ‘the body’ MacPherson, famous for wearing some clothes, having a great natural body and now eating illegal rhino horn powder in the quest for sustained beauty.

Elle MacPherson: Has she or hasn't she endorsed illegal poaching?

We all know the fountain of youth only exists in Photoshop or through a raw vegan lifestyle, so why on earth does the Australian super-model, mum and retard feel the need to part-take of illegal, unfounded remedies for ageing at the expense of an endangered species?

The situation is worsened by that fact that she is so revered and idolised as a model, that moronic, vain women may well see her actions as the way to looking good, despite the fact that real beauty shines from the inside.

No animal should suffer so that a human being can indulge in snake oil remedies in an attempt to defy nature, especially when that creature is only hunted for its horn. Elle MacPherson’s actions are indicative of her utter lack of intelligence. Sadly, stupid people do stupid things but because she’s a celebrity people will forgive her; such is the power of faux-familiarity.

The White Rhino is an endangered species yet is still poached for its horn from which ridiculous amounts of money are made.

Further food for thought is the impact this has on other people’s perceptions of how animals are treated. Far too many humans think they are at the top of the food chain and that all other life is there for their convenience only.

I’d like to see them explain that to a Hippopotamus at a watering hole, or a Great White Shark, or maybe even take a stroll across the plains in Kenya to convince a lion.

Sadly they won’t, because all the while there are hunters with tranquilisers and worse, there will always be idiots who think that animals are here for food and food alone, and the fact that they happily ignore animal suffering on a daily basis at the hands of disgusting, ‘mass production’ companies and their slaughterhouses proves just how much the human race has declined.

"I'm sorry? Who is top of the food chain?"

Ironically when ‘most’ people see a wounded kitten or puppy their first response is something like, “aaaaaw, poor thing.” So much for that carnivorous instinct.

No doubt Elle MacPherson will come through this untarnished as she has now stated that she never knowingly consumed rhino horn powder. But which is it Elle? Did you or didn’t you? Why say you did then retract that statement? Is it because you do have a conscience and you realise that there’s going to be a shitstorm of a backlash, or because you know that you’re getting older and uglier with every step you take to sate your vain ego?

I wonder if Elle MacPherson would kill the rhino herself to preserve her 'beauty'.

Whichever the case her actions are the act of a careless, thoughtless, repugnant idiot whose only interest is self-interest. If she had anything about her she’d join a crusade to save endangered animals and make it clear that she has made a grave mistake; one which only lines the pockets of evil vanity product manufacturers and illegal poachers who will not stop until every last rhino is gone.

You might have great tits Elle, but you sure as fuck are an ugly human being and no amount of vanity products can fix that.

Please share your thoughts on Elle MacPherson’s vanity and lack of compassion and environmental awareness by leaving a comment.

Read about other animal killing stars like Lady Gaga and Vera Bradley, while celebrities like Brigitte Bardot, Morrissey and Alicia Silverstone do what they can to raise awareness about animal suffering.

images: posh24.com, forumserver.twoplustwo.com, science.discovery.com, newstimeafrica.com, belch.com


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Published September 25, 2020 by in Celebrities

2 Responses to “Elle MacPherson angers animal rights activists”

  1. daphne

    22. Oct, 2011

    Elle Macpherson is repulsive. It’s nothing new. She used to share an apt. with my sister when she first started modeling. My sister was sick and out at my mom’s. Elle came out to visit with her boyfriend and sat there the whole time on the couch with my family with her hand down her boyfriend’s jeans. It was a long time ago but kind of tells you all you need to know. Never could really figure out why anyone would act like that. At the time my sister was on Vogue covers and Elle was in bathing suit ads that featured the model from the neck down. Guess people like her pretty much stay that way.

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  2. CATAY

    27. Sep, 2011

    Horrible. Simply a horrible person. Yick.

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