Harold Camping suffers stroke - He didn’t see that coming either

Published: June 15, 2020

Harold Camping may have set the world record for falsely predicting the end of the world and his luck continued to plummet last week after he suffered a stroke. Some call it bad luck, others call it karma, but whatever the case poor old Harold - the man whose total fan base now numbers less than George W. Bush’s IQ - seems to be slipping down the swanny faster than you can say ARMAGEDDON.

We all remember the moment the Rapture didn’t occur - 6pm, May 21st , 2011 - and I for one was actually relieved because it meant I could get those little jobs done that needed attention. Heaven forbid that I should ascend to the land of comfy shoes, easy slacks and cardigans without my house first being in order down here; what would the non-ascending neighbours think?

Harold Camping suffered a Stroke last week

Despite his vague numerological approach to predicting the world’s end, Camping continued to spout the message of ascension through his Family Radio show and it was after his broadcast last Thursday night that he suffered the stroke. The 89 year old Camping was taken to a local hospital according to a message posted by Charlie Menut, station manager of WFME, a Family Radio affiliate. The note was posted on a Yahoo site.

According to a neighbour who spoke to the Oakland Tribune, Camping was doing OK the following morning. The unnamed neighbour saw an ambulance collect Harold and then spoke to his wife Shirley who told him on Friday morning that the Alameda minister was in a reasonable condition but that his speech was “a little slurred.”

It’s thought that Family Radio will update listeners in the next few days - that’s if anyone still listens to the show.

Undoubtedly his ratings will have dropped sharply on May 22nd when most believers’ hopes would have been truly shattered. After the Rapture failed to happen there was dismay and disbelief  which then turned to anger.

Harold Camping's failed Rapture prophecy split families down the middle and many people gave up jobs and homes on faith

Many staunch believers gave up their jobs, sold possessions and even homes in some cases, such was the depth of their belief. Faith is all well and good but believing that the end of the world will happen on man’s time and not God’s in a specific moment? That’s just plain stupid.

Although Harold Camping himself spoke of his shock following the Rapture no-show, he went into hiding for a week before emerging (probably long enough for the pitchfork and burning torch brigade to have cleared off) with the news that he was “flabbergasted”.

The peasants are revolting

Clearly not very good at making predictions, he obviously didn’t see this stroke coming either.

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images: porkrhine.wordpress.com, guardian.co.uk, monty-python-and-the-holy-grail.com, southdacola.com

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2 Responses to “Harold Camping suffers stroke - He didn’t see that coming either”

  1. Banana Pyjamas

    15. Jun, 2011

    Maybe the world did end, we are just too busy staring at our screens and taking the kids to McDonalds to have noticed. That’s so homosapien.

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  2. Stefan

    15. Jun, 2011

    Well, maybe there is 144 000 less people … we would hardly notice it between the 6 or 7 odd billion of us running around there, maybe all of us are the ones left behind to suffer the full wraith of Armageddon?

    Still, I feel a little sad for the old timer, I don’t think he meant any harm, some folks here in SA also sold their stuff and booked into a hotel for the big day … but yar, this just goes to show that you can’t trust em doomsday prophets.

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