Walt Disney leads the Illuminati charge

Published: September 02, 2020

Walt Disney is loved the world over by adults and children alike. His creations are seen everywhere we go and are known even in the darkest corners of the furthest reaches of the planet. What goes under most people’s radars are the links between Walt Disney and a much darker cabal who use his productions as a form of mind control and social manipulation.

It is the dark corners of our psyche that Disney targets according to conspiracy theorists who have gone to great pains to find evidence linking the seemingly benevolent Walt to the New World Order, Freemasons and Illuminati.

Donald Duck gens up on Hitler's memoirs in preparation for a bout of world domination.

Masonic and satanic symbolism has been used in Disney films and that includes those of its subsidiaries such as Miramax, Dreamworks, Touchstone Pictures and Hollywood Pictures. Worse still is the rumour that Disney owns several hardcore porn film companies which are kept quietly ‘detached’ from Disney association.

It makes sense that Disney should have different fingers in different (hairy) pies; they’re in the business of making money and keeping the public looking the other way (just like the rest of Hollywood) so links to more sordid matters do not come as a shock.

Symbolism is rife in the Illuminati ranks.

Walt’s links to government are famously recorded and thanks to his stint as Governor of California and being a good friend of Ronald Reagan (both also Freemasons and reciprocal supporters) the foundations for conspiracies are quite solid.

In his youth Walt Disney hailed from a poor, socialist family who struggled to keep themselves fed. Job opportunities were scarce meaning Roy and Walt had to spread themselves thin to make ends meet.

After their eventual success the brothers bought their parents a big home in north Hollywood but soon after disaster struck the cursed family.

Walt Disney and his beloved mother Flora. He blamed himself for her death in 1938.

His mother and father, along with the housekeeper began experiencing headaches and blackouts and Flora, Walt’s mother passed away as a result of asphyxiation.

After an investigation into the matter it was discovered that the furnace was to blame and the inspector’s report read as follows: “installation of the furnace showed either a complete lack of knowledge of the requirements of the furnace or a flagrant disregard of these conditions if they were known.”

Walt’s guilt drove him to despair and worse still, drink. Despite laying down strict rules at his studios such as all staff must be well dressed, males must be clean shaven, no cussing or lecherous behaviour allowed and absolutely no drinking, Walt wore a moustache and drank himself senseless on a daily basis.

Working for Walt Disney was not unlike the Hitler Youth regime.

The purpose of his rules were to promote Disney as a flawless, highly respectable company and to this day they are still seen that way, such is the power of suggestion. Many people are unaware that Disney make adult orientated films though their subsidiaries and that is something they use to their maintain their squeaky clean image.

Mickey Mouse is of course the most famous of Disney’s creations and his appearance in one form or another on various pop stars videos (Lady Gaga and Beyonce Knowles to name but a few) has further fuelled the Illuminati conspiracy.

Whether they truly are part of some New World Order plot to lower the standards of humanity and usher in an age of depravity and chaos or not, they are achieving that goal. Lady Gaga is without doubt the greatest plagiarist alive and will stoop to any level for publicity, while Beyonce is trying to empower young women into believing they can run the world by dressing up as pole dancers.

Looks like I was wrong, apparently girls do run the world. Sorry to doubt you Beyonce.

The media, much of which is controlled by people like Rupert Murdoch (another Freemason and NWO stooge) is responsible for much of the mind-control and manipulation that most of the western world endures. Subjective news, misrepresentation of facts, fabricated stories, soap operas, pop videos and Hollywood blockbusters all play their part in subduing the minds of the general public, while charities leech money on the promise of saving third world and poverty stricken souls; a promise they largely fail to deliver.

Walt Disney and his empire are very much a part of that machine and while the term ‘mind control’ sounds like something from a sci-fi ‘b’ movie (see the work of L Ron hubbard and his Church of Scientology), we are all subject to genuine influence from TV, radio and internet every second of our waking days. A conspiracy theory based on the hypocritical work of Walt Disney is not far fetched at all and given the current paranoid climate we find ourselves in where governments are trying to blacklist internet users, imprisoning journalists and bringing sexual exploits into our living rooms more and more frequently in a bid to silence the dissenters, there is weight to the argument that we are fighting for our freedom against a massive army of well established opponents.

Go back to sleep planet Earth, you are free to do as we tell you.

Please share your thoughts, however paranoid or cynical they may be, by leaving a comment with your opinion on the subject of the Walt Disney conspiracy theory.

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  1. Richard Ramos

    16. Dec, 2011

    Hi There Celebritieswithdiseases,
    I was wondering on a similar note,, People are looking for comparisons between Jobs and other industry luminaries. Like Leonardo da Vinci, Edison etc. While Jobs had great vision he was not so skilled either as a product designer or a programmer, but he had great vision and focus; and lead a team of talented engineers very effectively. Similarly Walt Disney was no great artist but was an effective figurehead and man of vision. Furthermore it is hard to recall any other name associated with Apple or Disney except their founders - despite the obvious talent that lay behind the leaders. Is such a comparison fair? Let me know.
    Nice One!

  2. Frankie Heath

    14. Dec, 2011

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  3. Kelly Albert

    12. Dec, 2011

    Hi Celebritieswithdiseases,
    This might be off topic, however, Is the Disney college program lead to any career? Or does it specialise in a certain career? Is it a good college to go to for someone wanting to be a Disney actor? How much does it cost?
    Good Job!

  4. Christopher Atkinson

    12. Dec, 2011

    Hi Celebritieswithdiseases,
    This question may be a little off-topic, any one know where I can download Wishes! Walt Disney Presents I’m looking for these songs can any one help me

    1. A Whole New World (Aladdin’s Theme) - Peabo Bryson and Regina Belle
    2. Someday My Prince Will Come - Barbra Streisand
    3. Can You Feel the Love Tonight - Elton John
    4. Your Heart Will Lead You Home - Kenny Loggins
    5. You’ll Be In My Heart - Phil Collins
    6. When You Wish Upon A Star - Jesse McCartney
    7. A Dream Is a Wish Your Heart Makes - Linda Ronstadt
    8. The Bare Necessities - Tony Bennett
    9. Baby Mine - Bette Midler
    10. You’ve Got a Friend in Me - Randy Newman
    11. If You Can Dream - Disney Princesses
    12. My Funny Friend and Me - Sting
    13. Part of Your World - Olivia Newton John
    14. Make a Wish - Kevin Sharp
    15. Wishes - Peabo Bryson and Kimberley Locke

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