Celebrities: harold camping

Harold Camping suffers stroke - He didn’t see that coming either


Although Harold Camping himself spoke of his shock following the Rapture no-show, he went into hiding for a week before emerging (probably long enough for the pitchfork and burning torch brigade to have cleared off) with the news that he was “flabbergasted”.

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Will Smith is dead at last


News reports this morning claim that highly rated actor (by himself) Will Smith has died after falling from a cliff in New Zealand while filming Men In Black III.

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Last shopping day before Judgement Day - Armageddon dressed up


Our fashion stylists at CWD have come up with a foolproof guide to help you through the difficult task of preparing for Armageddon and still looking good in the afterlife.

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OMFG The ZOMBIES are coming! CDC Issues survival manual


The CDC has cleverly chosen to use zombies as the response to fears over radiation from the Fukushima disaster in Japan because by doing so they have reached a wider audience than they normally would.

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