Uganda wants death penalty for gay people

Published: May 12, 2020

It’s all going on in Uganda at the moment, a country famous for genocide since its independence in 1962 and sounding almost like someone asking you to observe something in a goosey way. You only have to hang around on the up-to-date engine for misinformation and askew facts, Facebook, for a few minutes ‘liking’ exquisite photos of your youngest brother naked, to be inundated with news bulletins from trusted sources such as a friend of a friend of a friend of a friend, who you only befriended because they looked like they had nice tits in a photo, once, when you were drunk.

The lastest newsflash being batted (no almost pun intended. Well, maybe.) about on Facebook, and rightly so, is the death sentence apparently soon to be introduced in Uganda for those found guilty of the heinous crime of being light on your loafers or a little bit of a faggot. So it seems that Ugandan men are the only men in the world who don’t have the generic lesbian fantasy.

This is what Uganda does to straight people - god help homosexuals

Now we all know that homosexuality is a big fat abomination, but with our crazy liberal laws in the West where people generally have a say in what they insert inside themselves (until they criminalize organic vegetables for their evil role in reducing medical bills at least) it’s sometimes hard to imagine that on other continents there are firstly, different coloured people, and secondly, that they might like a drop of the same freedom we filthy arse-licking libertines enjoy. When we are asked to think about a country like Uganda for example, we generally think about genocide and that it’s probably far too hot there to wear a feather boa.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m neither racist or homophobic, honest. Some of my best friends are poofs and pakis.

LGBT’s (lezzers, gays, bisexuals, transgenders) already have no legal right to protection in Rwanda, and the socially conservative government and religious fanatics (Who knew the ‘backs to the wall lads here come the Catholics’ would be behind this?) are pushing for fierce penalties for those that do gay stuff. I’d say death was a bit drastic for letting someone who wants to put their penis up your bottom, put a penis up your bottom, if you want them to put their penis up your bottom. Use enough lube and no one dies.

Proving what a crazy liberal humanitarian bunch the Ugandan government are, it is currently completely legal to be homosexual in Uganda. Unbelievable! But luckily homosexuals and transgender people regularly suffer harassment, physical intimidation and assault, along with prison sentences because of their sexual orientation.

Like Iran, Uganda has a dim view on gay people and look to be using the Arab country as a role model

Well, hanging is too good for them.

The prevailing belief being that homosexuality is a sure sign of unremitting immorality or just plain sickness or that it is something imported from another country, like the dirty UK, or those cheeky arse bandits in the US. A bit like the ebola virus but with sequins.

So how are they going to enforce this death penalty? If these despicable acts of genital frivolity are taking place in the privacy of people’s own homes, who is going to report them? Will the police have decoys? Will it be ok for them to “eat da poo poo”?

The Archbishop of the Episcopal Church of Rwanda called homosexuality ‘moral genocide’. And they should know. This is a country whose military leaders not only used public rape and sexual torture as an acceptable weapon against Tutsi women during the genocide, but recommended it.

A victim of corrective rape; because only in Africa is it legal to rape in the name of medicine.

In a special UN report it was stated that “Rape was the rule and its absence the exception.” It is estimated that between 250,000 and 500,000 women and girls were raped, publicly and brutally. Which might have been traumatic enough to make at least a few of them reach for the furry cup. Men were rarely the victims of rape but cases of them having their genitals removed and kept as trophies were reported. Which isn’t gay at all.

Other areas of Africa condone the use of ‘correctional rape’, a process where women are raped by men in the hope that it will have such a profound and positive effect on their state of mind that they’ll realise the error of their ways and forever more crave cock. I can totally see how that would work too - subject a woman who prefers the company of women to sex with an undoubtedly brutal, vicious, egotistical male bully who is unlikely to be a considerate lover, thus beating her out of that filthy lesbian trance with his meat truncheon.

You’d really think they’d be too busy cleaning up after the wee genocide problem they had in the last decade to be buggering (I waited paragraphs to say that) about with human rights.

So the medieval Rwandan government are threatening the death penalty to anyone caught practising homosexuality. What the penalty is once you’re proficient is not yet clear.

I think it’s time to mobilize forces against these draconian idiots. “Are you free Mr Humphreys?”

I'm free! John Inman would probably have struggled for a captive audience in Rwanda

“I’m free!”

Please sign the petition which will urge Uganda to vote against this horrendous, fascist notion that homosexuality must be banished.

Here’s the driving force behind the anti-gay movement in Uganda at work. EAT DA POO POO:


Leave a comment with your thoughts on the rise of Fascism in Uganda.

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  1. Jimmy Barrel-Barrel

    12. May, 2011

    I hope you’re bloody right From Rwanda.

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  2. from rwanda

    12. May, 2011

    can you please prove your source of information, as i beleive this is completely , utterly fictional news. Rwanda might not be San Fran or London, but for an African country is pretty relaxed on homosexuality. I am a gay westerner living here , and so far there have not been any problems . Above information is comletly bs!

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