Scarlett Johansson says respect my privacy

Published: September 30, 2020

So apparently some naked Scarlett Johansson photos have emerged on the internet. And apparently they were acquired by less-than-savoury means. The star claims the culprit hacked her phone and extracted the images.

In a recent interview with CNN she said, all she wanted was to have her privacy respected.

“Just because you’re an actor or make films or whatever doesn’t mean you’re not entitled to your own personal privacy,” she says in the interview. “If that is sieged in some way, it feels unjust. It feels wrong.”

Scarlett Johansson is not so happy about having her muff plastered all over the web

Speaking of life in the spotlight, the 26-year-old actress added: As for life in the spotlight, the actress, 26, says: “It’s an adjustment, but I think there are certain instances where you give a lot of yourself and finally you have to kind of put your foot down and say, ‘Oh wait, I’m taking it back.’ ”

Poor old Scaz. It must be difficult being that hot. Especially when people are evidently prepared to go to stupid lengths to get a glance of you in the buff. Fortunately for her, Johansson’s career doesn’t really need boosting, as she is a standard A-lister, so I can’t claim that perhaps this is all a desperate publicity stunt (a la Paris Hilton or Kim Kardashian, who seem to STILL be surviving off those boring sex tapes).

And Scarlett is so furious that she’s got the FBI on the case. The agency is looking into who might have released the nude photos allegedly hacked from the private cell phone, according to an official.

The FBI is already investigating some 50 other celebrity email accounts that might also have been hacked, including those belonging to Vanessa Hudgens and Jessica Alba, says Fox News.

Three months ago, alleged hackers claimed to have nude photos of Blake Lively whose rep was quick to threaten legal action against any website that made the photos public.

Click here to read all about the photos and to see LOTS OF NAKED PHOTOS OF SCARLETT JOHANSSON (we cannot guarantee their authenticity).

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