Amy Winehouse Had a ‘Daughter’ - Apparently

Published: July 31, 2020

Jumping on the big bouncy posthumous trampoline of Amy Winehouse was my best friend/favourite singer (even though I didn’t buy Back in Black until she snuffed it)/lookalike (according to Lady Gaga, she was frequently mistaken for Winehouse)/we used to drink together (better known as: we were once in the same bar at the same time but she didn’t speak to me, cos I’m a twit), which is also known as the ‘great big tasteless death cash kerching! manoeuvre’, it has been revealed that apparently - and that’s a big apparently – the singer was in the throes of planning to adopt a ten-year-old St Lucian girl she apparently ‘fell in love with’ whilst holidaying in the Caribbean.

This could be true. No, don’t laugh. It could be. I don’t want to sound like the klaxoning voice of cynicism. It really could be true. Amy admitted in previous interviews that she wanted black children.

The little girl, Dannika Augustine, apparently struck up a relationship with Winehouse during one of her stints in the Caribbean and reportedly said: “Amy was already my mother. I would call her mum and she would call me her daughter. She took care of me and we had fun together. I loved her and she loved me.”

Dead a week and already she’s a victim of Elvis Presley syndrome. I mean, was Amy Winehouse really in any fit state to be adopting a child? Twenty-seven years old, in drug recovery and still drinking (up until three weeks prior to her death)? Doesn’t strike me as the best time to consider adopting a child.

The child went on: “She was the most amazing person and I was looking forward to living with her here or in London. I cannot believe she is gone. This is the worst thing that ever happened to me.”

The child’s grandmother runs a bar very near to the villa where Amy had previously stayed. “Amy loved Dannika with all her heart. I don’t know why Amy took to Dannika above all the other children on the island, but from the moment they met they were inseparable,” she claims. “Amy used to beg me, ‘I want to adopt Dannika. I want to take her to England.’ She was prepared to move to St Lucia to be her full-time mum. Amy wanted to have a child so bad. If she had not died, there is no doubt she would be here in St Lucia completing the adoption process. There is no way she would have done what she did to herself if Dannika was with her.”

Amy Winehouse - dead and everyone still wants a piece of her.

The child’s real mother was apparently perfectly willing to give her child to the celebrity as she couldn’t afford to bring her daughter up and Amy had already discussed the matter with the child’s father who said: “Amy called me from my mother’s mobile phone. She said, ‘Hello, Marjorie’s lovely son. I wanted to talk to you because I feel like you are my brother. Marjorie has become like a mother to me.’ Then she said, ‘I love Dannika so much. She is the most amazing girl.’ ”

The possible ramblings of a drunk woman?

“I thanked Amy for taking care of my daughter,” he continues. “And she said, ‘Dannika is taking care of me. I couldn’t live without her.’ Then she said, ‘I would like your permission to adopt Dannika. I said if my mum thought it was a good idea, then it was OK with me. I also spoke to Dannika’s mother and she said she would agree to it.” But still.

Amy Winehouse wanted to adopt a child.

The girl’s grandmother spoke to Amy some weeks ago when she apparently said “Tell everybody I will be back in St Lucia soon. I was expecting her here next week. I couldn’t believe it when my friend in London told me she had died.”

Yeah, what an opportunity.

Amy’s father, Mitch Winehouse – who seems to be taking to the publicity of his progeny’s demise like a publicity duck to media water, has been uncharacteristically quiet about the child who claims to be the granddaughter he never knew he had.

Amy Winehouse - Was she ready for children?

I understand that people are poverty stricken and will do anything it takes to survive but it is still a disgusting joker to play within a week of the singer’s death, even if she was planning to adopt the kid. She’s dead now and won’t be adopting anyone.

Amy Winehouse was apparently worth £10million at the time of her death, with her backlog of unreleased material due for release, probably as quick as the record company can possibly shit it out, she looks set to earn as much cash posthumously as she did when she was breathing and upright.

It’s always ugly watching the unprincipled vultures circle salaciously around celebrity carrion, after a cut of a wedge they don’t deserve or just a mention in connection with the deceased’s name.

Shame the poor girl can’t be left to rest in peace. Shame she has to be hounded by sycophants and opportunists, like she no doubt was whilst she was still alive.

I’d like to end this article with a clichéd ‘rest in peace Amy’. But I’d be wasting my words. They aren’t going to let you.

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