What are phobias and who has them?

Published: December 07, 2020

Fear is a natural and normal response to something we may perceive as a danger, and is a part of every single one of us.

There are two kinds of fear disorders, namely phobia and mania – both are entirely different concepts. A phobia may be defined as a type of anxiety disorder and is a strong fear of a particular thing or a particular situation.

People suffering from varied phobias try to avoid what they are afraid of (as long as what they are afraid of is something avoidable and of no or little harm) so that can avoid reactions to phobias. Some of these may include panic attacks, shortness of breath, trembling, rapid heartbeat and a strong desire to get away (the flee response).

Some of us may have a phobia or a mania. The most common fear disorders people know of are kleptomania (compulsive stealing) or claustrophobia (fear of confined spaces). The list of phobias, however, goes far beyond what many would expect, and includes terms like aviophobia, arachnophobia, coulrophobia, brontophobia, chorophobia, eisotrophobia and chiclephobia – each of these describes a particular phobia. Some of the stranger phobias in exist include a genuine fear of doorknobs – a fear that is a reality in Cameron Diaz’ life.

No matter how strange a phobia may seem, one fact remains true: they usually develop as a result of an event in a person’s life.

Some of these phobias could become a psychological problem with the passage of time. People of all ages and from all walks of life can develop phobia for animals, activities or social situations also. These physical and emotional fears can easily be cured with various therapies and psychological treatment. Effective relief can be enjoyed through cognitive behavior therapy, medication or a combination of both. The behavioral therapy is carefully planned and people try to confront their fear. To avoid panic during phobic situations, it could be advisable to rely on medication, which is often used to cure social phobia and agoraphobia.

Many celebrities suffer from unique phobias including fear of tunnels, blood, flying, water and highway driving due to their stature, success and fame. But phobias are not chronic and can easily be overcome by a strong will power and a determination to brazen out their fear to live a happy and fearless life.

Celebrities who are plagued by their phobias include Justin TimberlakeChristina RicciWoody Allen and Billy Bob Thornton.

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