Woody Allen and his multiple phobias

Published: January 02, 2021

Fear is a natural human emotion and everyone has feelings of anxiety from time to time. For many people, however, the symptoms can be so extreme that it can seriously affect their everyday life. Many celebrities including Billy Bob Thornton, Christina Ricci, Johnny Depp, Oprah Winfrey, Cameron Diaz, Woody Allen and several others suffer from some or the other kind of fear.

Famous film director, Woody Allen is known in Hollywood for having the most phobias including claustrophobia (the fear of small spaces), cynophobia (fear of animals), acrophobia (fear of heights), carcinophobia (fear of cancer), enochlophobia (fear of crowds) and several others.

On his claustrophobia, Woody once said to People Magazine, “I don’t like to go into elevators.

“I don’t go through tunnels.

“I like the drain in the shower to be in the corner and not in the middle”.

Interestingly, Woody Allen essentially has fear of everything. This is known as Panophobia. Insectophobia (fear of insects), chromophobia (fear of bright colors), acrophobia (fear of heights), and a fear of crowds are some other phobias experienced by Woody Allen.

He once said about his fear of spiders: “I’ve been killing spiders since I was 30”.

Along with his many other phobias, he also suffers from quite strange and funny arachibutyrophobia, which means fear of peanut butter sticking to the roof of his mouth.

According to some reports, Woody Allen has morbid fear of dogs, children, sunshine, small rooms, heights, cancer and various illnesses. This eccentric celebrity admitted his phobias to Reuters television at the Venice Film Festival in 2003 and said: “I am a neurotic in a more benign way. I mean,

“I have a lot of neurotic habits”.

Talking further to Reuters about his neurotic nature, Woody said, “I cut my banana into seven slices every morning before I put it in my cereal. These things don’t hurt anybody else, but they are neurotic.”

Other celebrities who have phobias include Christina Ricci, Billy Bob Thornton and Justin Timberlake.

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Author: Colin Swan

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