Billy Bob Thornton: High anxiety

Published: January 04, 2021

It is possible to have a phobia about anything and this statement finds its roots from a number of celebrities who we know have a fear of something. Everyone has fear about something that may be associated to some incident or tragedy in their lives at some point. But Billy Bob Thornton is a victim to so many phobia, one might be left wondering about the man’s sanity.

Billy Bob Thornton, famous American actor and director suffers from the following phobias:

  • Coulrophobia: the fear of clowns
  • Chromophobia: the fear of bright colors
  • Panophobia: the fear of antique furniture
  • Aviophobia: the fear of flying
  • He also has a fear of Benjamin Disraeli’s hair.

The list of phobias, however, is down by one, as Thornton claims he is no longer scared of flying.

“As usual, I’m backwards,” Thornton said an interview quoted by

“As everybody else has gotten worried, I’m not afraid of flying now … Now I feel a little safer because people feel weird about it.”

For most of us this famous adage “old is gold” makes sense but Thornton, who suffers from a fear of antique furniture, all beauty of the old is lost to him. In an interview to Sky News, Billy said of walking into a restaurant decked out with antiques: “I went into this restaurant one time and just froze.

“Couldn’t even have a bite.

“Couldn’t even drink my water,” he said.

“I get creeped out and I can’t breathe and I can’t eat around it.

“I’ve had friends tell me that may be I was beaten to death with an antique chair in my former life”.

Interestingly, Thornton has also confessed that pieces from 1700 and 1800 France and England really freak him out. He cannot stay in a room with furniture in it that is older than 1950.

While many of us consider colors a wonderful way to light up and brighten our lives, Thornton, as a sufferer of chromophobia, believes just the opposite.

Clowns are considered as a great way of entertainment but people like Billy Bob are actually scared of a clown’s painted face. This phobia is known as coulrophobia and several other celebrities, including Johnny Depp, suffer from it. Thornton once revealed to the Guardian that: “Mimes are really creepy, but clowns are frightening!”

“It’s like you don’t really know the guy that’s lurking behind the face”.

Another quirky trait we’d like to mention here: Thornton allegedly refuses to say his children’s names out loud for fear of cursing them.

Other celebrities who have phobias include Christina Ricci, Woody Allen and Justin Timberlake.

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