James Franco likes it when people call him gay

Published: July 23, 2020

Handsome, bright, intelligent, witty, creative and gay are just some of the terms banded around when James Franco‘s name crops up. The 127 Hours star though is comfortable with the speculation about his sexuality which he says has been the topic of conversation since high school.

“I had a close friend in school, and there were rumours that we were gay,” says Franco who is keen to point out that the allegations were and are still not true although he apparently likes to hear people discussing his sexual preference.

James Franco in semi naked apparel

James Franco's sexuality is the subject of much discussion.

The past five years have made it difficult for those speculators to voice their opinions about It his orientation due to his relationship with Ahna O’Rielly but now that the pair have separated the voices are starting to be heard again. And Franco is fine with that and to him gay is not a dirty word.

Talking to Playboy the former Spider Man hero and villain said he was unsure where the rumours came from but he is comfortable enough with his sexuality not to care.

“Those rumours were started by - who knows? - people who were jealous, people who had been picked on, girls who had been picked on…So they started these rumours. I like it now that people said I was gay. It’s kind of cool.”

“I have a film coming up that I directed about the poet Hart Crane, and I give a blowjob in that movie.”

James Franco in 127 Hours

James Franco finds himself exploring a crevice - according to some rumours.

It’s not the first role of Franco’s to flirt with homosexuality as he has previously played alongside Sean Penn in the highly acclaimed Milk in which he starred as the veteran actor’s lover.

Franco could be playing the publicity game here by alerting both men and women as to his potential availability which of course helps his ratings and popularity. Or is that just cynicism on my part?

Regardless of his sexual preference the entrepreneurial actor has quit using social network sites such as Twitter in order to focus on setting up his own directing course at the New York University’s Kanbar Institute of Film and Television where he will give lectures in directing and even offer support via Skype.

New York University

James Franco will be giving lectures at the NYU.

John Tornini, course leader at NYU told the New York Daily News, ”He will be teaching a section of a third year directing class in the graduate film division. It will comprise of 10 to 12 students.”

“Our students will be fortunate to learn from him. We anticipate the students in his class will feel especially privileged to have him as a teacher.”

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