Charlie Sheen destroys ‘Two and a Half Men’, but who really cares?

Published: February 25, 2021

It’s all about Charlie Sheen today and hot on the heels of his rant on the Alex Jones show, he has quickly defended his stance on Chuck Lorre by saying that he is not anti-Semitic and that his comments have been misconstrued.

Sheen made a reference to Chuck Lorre’s origins by calling him ‘Chaim Levine’ during that fateful rant and it has quickly become a hot internet talking point.

Chuck Lorre’s birth name is Charles Levine and Sheen’s translation into Hebrew has caused many sections of the public and press to stir up a witch hunt against the ailing (almost former) TV star, calling him a racist and muddying his name further than he could seem to manage by himself; although he’s not doing too bad a job on his own.

Sheen’s actions are certainly questionable these days but to add to his worries by burdening him with the label ‘anti-Semitic’ is frankly, quite appalling. We’re witnessing the steady disassembly of a man who has rocketed to fame and slowly sunk with each new venture until today, where he stands almost alone as he sees his life fall apart around him.

He has offered an explanation to the public over his remarks through the ever reliable medium of TMZ, to whom he said, “I was referring to Chuck by his real name, because I wanted to address the man, not the bulls**t TV persona.”

And he added, “So you’re telling me, anytime someone calls me Carlos Estevez, I can claim they are anti-Latino?”

So that settles that then. Hang on, where’s the apology to Alcoholics Anonymous? An organization who have done nothing but try to steer people in the right direction; away from situations like the one Sheen finds himself in now.

We’ve undoubtedly not heard the last of Sheen and his crazy, imploding and self destructive behaviour, and just when you think he’s calming down he pops up with another social hand grenade.

I for one won’t lose any sleep over him, but once the ashes have settles over Tripoli and the carnival is in full swing, I’ll have the popcorn ready for Sheen’s next installment. Just in case.

Please leave a comment about Sheen and his alleged anti-Semitism, or his clearly failing mental state.

Read about more pressing matters like the Libyan conflict, or have a look at Sheen’s track record of personal disasters like confessing to a porn star that he’s losing his teeth, filing for divorce number three, watching the Superbowl alone,  and the Capri Anderson incident.


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7 Responses to “Charlie Sheen destroys ‘Two and a Half Men’, but who really cares?”

  1. tim

    25. Feb, 2011

    Sheen’s career ended today.
    It should have ended a year ago, it’s been creepy watching him go from funny to something scarier than a meth addict.

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  2. JoeJew

    25. Feb, 2011

    There is a boy with a serious need for a guiding ass whopping. It would make you a world of good Carlos, but try not to get it in a sexual way. Get all healthy again (relatively speaking) and the sex will be that much better.

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  3. JoeJew

    25. Feb, 2011

    i forgot:


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  4. Sick of Sheen

    25. Feb, 2011

    I feel sorry for his coworkers.
    To have to put up with such a putz, and now be out of a job.

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  5. Jenna

    25. Feb, 2011

    Charlie Sheen seems to be on the same type of destructive path as Lindsay Lohan is. Why do these actors who have so much going for themselves become so destructive. Some say it is due to boredom. I wish I could have that much money and be that bored so I could show these guys what they could do with there lives. Maybe they should start by getting rid of all the “yes” men around them. It would be a start. It is sad that the show was cancelled for the rest of the season. It is one of my favorite shows.

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  6. marjiscott

    27. Feb, 2011

    I disagree with Jenna. What exactly do the drug addict duo of Lindsay Lohan and Charlie Sheen have? According to jenna, (and I’m sure her opinion is in the minority here) These two “have so much going for them”
    They don’t have ANYTHING going for them…Are they bored? I highly doubt it. Charlie is and always has been an ass. Same with Miss Lohan. They are losers. Period. Always were.
    It was those “yes” men that kept them going for as long as they could, before moving on to more promising clients.They didn’t get to the top through their hard work and talent.. Their success was handed to them , over and over, until they burned every bridge they ever crossed. Now how will they complain about their” tough luck and mistreatment” when no one is left to listen?

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  7. Imaginethat

    28. Feb, 2011

    And this is news why? Charlie Sheen is not news and should be ignored and probably institutionalized. Period.

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