Rihanna and Ciara fight but could help Libyan protesters instead

Published: February 26, 2021

Once again the most important news seems to be petty celebrity squabbles instead of the ongoing conflict in Libya.

While evidence seems to be building against Rihanna who appears to be making a habit of rubbing people up the wrong way, people are fighting for their freedom in Triploi. This time it’s fellow R&B star Ciara on the receiving end of a ‘Rihanna Rant’, having previously been involved in a legal case against her ex Chris Brown.

The incident with Brown led to a restraining order against the singer which has now been revoked by the courts but the common denominator in all this is Rihanna.

Ciara and Rihanna traded shots over Twitter after the former told an interviewer on the E! show, Fashion Police that the “What’s My Name” singer was not a very pleasant individual.

There followed a tirade of taunts between the two that from the outside seem completely childish and pathetic.

So important!

I’ve been keenly following the events in Tripoli, Libya where brave, every day people are uprising against their leaders who have subjected them to 42 years of torture, murder and countless other horrific atrocities.

Libyan ambassadors and high ranking officials are now resigning in a bid to distance themselves from the monstrous Qaddafi and his family of tyrants, but in doing so fear for the lives of their families who are still inside the city.

Qaddafi has stepped up security measures to stop people leaving the country and fears are now rising that he could deploy the military to kill the protestors. His initial bid to spend the equivalent of $10.2bn to ‘appease’ the unrest has failed, and rightly so. Trying to buy off the population so that he can maintain a debauched and gutless regime is about as low as it gets.

The matter of Rihanna and Ciara is about as relevant as a raindrop in the ocean when compared to the sacrifices people are making in Tripoli, and I just wish that more celebrities in the position to speak and be heard would do so.

I don’t care if Rihanna hates Ciara or vice versa; I’d be happier to read that they’d combined forces to speak out against people like Qaddafi and raise even more public awareness so that more support can be offered to the dying Libyan people.

If a nation demands that the UN be sent in to help then the nation, the UN will be sent in; but all the while there are such pathetic, mind-numbingly trivial matters occupying the masses’ thoughts and the media’s shop window, little progress can be made in human or evolutionary ways.

A nation united for a common cause has the power to change anything, just as the Libyans are doing now, and on our shores we can lobby Barack Obama, or David Cameron to push for UN involvement; let them get into Tripoli and deliver much needed food and medical supplies.

You can make a difference by sharing this with everyone you know.

Please share your thoughts about the Libyan conflict, the media’s poor coverage of it or celebrities lack of raising awareness by leaving a comment.

Read a little more about the Libyan conflict, or Rihanna’s past episodes like the restraining order against Chris Brown, laryngitis before the Grammys, and the semi-nude photo scandal.

images: themavenreport.com, wicklownews.net

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