Is ‘Monster’ Kanye West a closet gynephobe?

Published: February 17, 2021

PARENTAL ADVISORY WARNING - This article contains graphic material

Kanye West’s latest video has caused some uproar and rightly so. The (what is he, ‘hip hop’, ‘electronica dub’?) artist’s new track, ‘Monster’ is accompanied by a grim set of visuals that feature lots of dead bodies hanging from the ceiling, draped over chaise longue or sat up in bed, while West attempts to set a new record for erroneous use of the ‘F’ word.

Of course the majority of corpses in the video are women and as the video progresses we get to laugh at the multi Grammy and MOBO award winner as he raps with a ferocity and bravado that only a bullying victim could muster. He reminds me of a dog in a car barking at passers by, most of which ignore the pointless vociferation and get on with their shopping.

Further on we’re treated to guest vocals by Jay-Z and Nicki Minaj, the latter trying to look incredibly hard, more desperately than West, with her aggressively wobbly vocal delivery; similar to a jelly on steroids with a vendetta against good taste and talent.

Throughout the set, West and his buddies are seen consuming guts and getting all necrophilic with the scattered cadavers, and while it’s undoubtedly very appealing to George A. Romero fans, it leaves me scratching my head as to what’s gone wrong with the world.

These days the bar for decency has all but disappeared. Kanye West has a huge teenage following and the message this latest effort sends out is not a good one. Young people watching it will become desensitised to the horrors of the world, and worse still will begin to see women as meat, or an underling to be treated with contempt at every opportunity.

The real world shouldn’t be like that, and the line between reality and fantasy is blurred by needless ‘music’ like this.

And this is my point. West is living in a fantasy world and the only thing monstrous about him is his clear lack of talent. How anyone can praise him is beyond me, the guy is a misogynist and gynephobe who clearly never got over the day his mother withdrew her exhausted teat from his craving lips.

Since the day he was signed it’s been possible to see his ego from space.

Now before you start saying, “It’s just a song, it’s not doing any harm Mary Whitehouse,” just watch it again and think about everything you’ve read in this piece. The video is sick for the sake of being sick and only highlights West’s desire to strike out at women for whatever reason he fears or despises them.

The standards in this world have sunk to a shocking low, and if the evolution of music takes us from Mozart to ‘fiddy’ cent and his gangsta ‘I’m-gonna-shoot-you-in-the-face’ style rap to Kanye West and his ‘I’m-the-sweariest-motherf***er-in-the-world-and-have-b**w-jobs-from-dead-people’ style, then we really are in trouble as a species.

See the video here:

KanYe West - Monster (Official Video)

Share your thoughts on the Monster video, the state of the music industry, or to join in the rant by leaving a comment.

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8 Responses to “Is ‘Monster’ Kanye West a closet gynephobe?”

  1. Daniel

    17. Feb, 2011

    Your ignorant post should be deleted. I understand this video is freaky and scary but saying he doesn’t have talent is just ignorant. The man has won 14 grammy awards (the most out of any rapper), all of his albums are very critically acclaimed and praised, his last album just sold a million and was named the best album of 2010 by respected music critics such as Rolling Stone, Pitchfork, Billboard, Time Magazine and many more. That clearly shows he is talented. You’re just an ignorant Kanye West hater. Oh and I also see you hating on Nicki Minaj for saying she is desperately trying to be hard, well the fact is her verse has to be one of the hardest verses of 2010! Stop hating and maybe start trying to succeed in life instead of writing ignorant posts on some dumb website…

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  2. Sir.L

    17. Feb, 2011

    Overall this post, points out alot of truth, Mr.west was actually the reason I turned to rap, back in the drop out days. Where substance was abundant, now it seems he really lost that path and it’s all about money, glory, his fame? Who knows. But seriously what kind of statement is he trying to give now? This video is truly pointless, no need for any of it, I mean I get you can rap well, you’ve been saying that for years now feed me some food for thought. To each their own I guess but if all those Mags said kanye album was album of the year, like Daniel said, then sad day for music.

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  3. A

    17. Feb, 2011

    I disagree with your post. You assign motivations and inspirations to his song based solely on your opinion.

    You miss the point of his art/business, which is create something catchy, danceable, and provoke controversy.

    Every generation is afaird of the music that comes from the next. I’m sure your parents hated Elvis. And anyway more harm has been done by people panicked over societal decline than societal decline ever did.

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  4. Misfit

    17. Feb, 2011

    If the website is so dumb, why are you reading it?

    “more harm has been done by people panicked over societal decline than societal decline ever did.” LOL. And LOL again.

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  5. Essex Boy

    17. Feb, 2011

    I guess he needed all dem mudderfukkin dead whores to disguise such a boring song.

    Rap? Crap, more like.

    5 and a half minutes of cock.

    The only thing I was afraid of, was that it might never end.

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  6. Mr. Mailman

    18. Feb, 2011

    I completely agree with Daniel though, The song’s probably not one of his best songs nor is it very good and the video is just very freaky but how can you say he has no talent. If what Daniel said was true then I guess that’s talent.

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  7. Guylolingatyou

    18. Feb, 2011

    Well, I don’t know who let this guy post on the internet. He’s got as much class as a youtube comment.

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  8. The color clear

    25. Apr, 2011

    Honestly, this song goes hard. The video goes hard. You don’t like the video, cool. Maybe you’r a Jay-Z fan, or maybe you should get out of rap all toghther. I love the way Kanye blurs the line between Fantasy and reality, because being in the real world all the time is boring, or, more often, incredibly sad. What’s wrong with a bit of fantasy :)?

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