Sarah Jessica Parker talks to herself

Published: September 21, 2020

Sarah Jessica Parker is a busy mum of three and a career chick (well, not so much since Sex and the City went under, but who knows - there’s always Sex and the City 3 and 4 and 67. It’ll be just like the series but even more boring). So when she’s not playing small-minded, materialistic and self-obsessed woman, she is caring for her three sprogs and things can get a bit hectic. How does she deal with it? Apparently by doing what mad people are known for doing.

“I talk to myself. Constantly,”she told People Monday at the premier of her new film in New York - Don’t Know How She Does It (where she plays a small-minded, materialistic and self-obsessed career woman).

Sarah Jessica Parker deals with her crazy lifestyle by talking to herself

“Both my baby-sitter and I talk to ourselves, and we’re constantly apologizing for it,” she adds.

Now, some of us might think that that’s a pretty strange and generally incredibly uninteresting (much like the star herself) thing to say, but apparently we, living in a celebrity-frenzied society, are sad enough to dedicate a whole 400-word article to it. YES, my dear readers (or lack of them), unfortunately this magical journey into the world of celebrities and diseases will soon come to an end as not enough of you are actually reading our blog!! Maybe we were wrong in thinking people would lap up total and utter trash if we only served it up to them (our estimation of the general public’s level of intellect is fairly low, as you might be able to tell).

Anyway, I will soon be out of a job, but what’s much MUCH more important is that SARAH JESSICA PARKER TALKS TO HERSELF!!

Let’s see what other fascinating facts our wisened Jess can share on the subject:

“Frankly, I think women are accustomed to doing a lot,” she continues. “We can talk on the phone and tie a shoe and pack a lunch and change a diaper.”

As a mother, she notes that the biggest things she’s learned contradict each other. “One is that I now know how much time it really takes to get the kids up in the morning. But I still do it at the last minute, so there you go. I’ve learned nothing! I’ve been getting a lot of support though. I’m very proud of my minivan.”

In the meantime, hubby Matthew Broderick articulates that he is “better at different stuff” to his power-wife.

“It seems like [my wife] is responsible for a lot of organizational stuff, but I do as much as I can,” he explains.

Well isn’t that lovely.

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  1. Lee

    21. Sep, 2011

    LOL - that is one of the funniest things I’ve ever read. Thanks Anna. Love the irony.

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